Sex is complicated. However for Holden, and specifically for Holden"s connection with Jane, it"s really, really complicated—because he actually likes her. They organize hands, lock sit close to every other, jane puts her hand ~ above the earlier of his neck … cute, however not exactly the most exciting Friday night through your far-reaching other.

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And before you remind united state that this was the 1940s and sex wasn’t developed until 1963, we’ll just suggest out that the various other boys in ~ Pencey weren’t keeping aspirin between their knees, or anything. Holden isn’t holding himself back because of great old-fashioned household values.

Holden actually tells us a lot about Jane—she’s “fond of all athletic sports” (11.1); she’s “muckle-mouthed”; she’s “always reading, and she review very an excellent books” (11.3); and she “wouldn’t take it her majesties out that the earlier row” once she played checkers” (11.5). However the most telling info we acquire is this tiny incident the Holden describes:

all of a suddenly this booze hound her mother was married to came out top top the porch and asked mrs if over there were any type of cigarettes in the house. I didn"t know him as well well or anything, however he looked favor the type of man that wouldn"t speak to you much unless he wanted something off you. He had a lousy personality. Anyway, old mrs wouldn"t price him as soon as he asked her if she knew whereby there was any cigarettes. For this reason the guy asked her again, yet she tho wouldn"t answer him. She didn"t even look up from the game. Ultimately the man went inside the house. As soon as he did, ns asked woman what the hell to be going on. She wouldn"t even answer me, then. She do out choose she to be concentrating on she next relocate in the game and all. Then every one of a sudden, this tear plopped under on the checkerboard. On one of the red squares—boy, I have the right to still check out it. She just rubbed it right into the board with her finger. (11.6)

Much choose with the Mr. Antolini incident, Holden’s not sure what’s in reality going on—but it’s almost certainly something sexual—especially considering his previously statement, ago in thing Four, that her "booze-hound" stepfather provided to run around the house naked). No wonder your relationship never gets physical; together Holden says, “you don’t always have to acquire too sexy to get to know a girl” (11.1).

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Of course, Holden"s inability to reach the end to Jane regardless of his feelings is a big reminder of his passivity and indecision. When he finds the end she"s downstairs wait for Stradlater, he states over and also over the he"ll go under to to speak hello, yet never does. He repetitively contemplates calling her when he"s in brand-new York, yet can"t lug himself come go through with it. And then, when he lastly does pick up the phone, she"s no there. Once again, he is failed to make a connection.