Understanding challenge related symptoms and also features.

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Symptoms may impact multiple components of the body. Understanding which part of the human body a symptom affects, can aid us to much better understand the potential underlying causes of a symptom, including a rare an illness or genetic syndrome.The challenge contains the nose, eyes and also mouth, every one of which are sensory organs. The face additionally displays emotions and feelings and also plays a an essential role in communication. The challenge runs indigenous the forehead in ~ the top, come the chin at the bottom and also encompasses whatever in between. Symptoms affecting the challenge can because that the most part be seen through the naked eye. Back diagnosing a face related symptom might involve various tests and also assessments, both subjective and objective. Symptoms relating come the face may impact its structure, form and/ or function. Some functions will influence just the appearance of the challenge while rather may influence its ability to refer emotions and to connect non-verbally.

What is a vast Forehead (wide forehead)?

A wide forehead is one with a broader distance between the two sides of the head. This can also be described as once the distance in between the two front temporales is much more than two typical deviations above the norm.

What need to I execute next?

In part instances a large or wide forehead may be among the features of a rare an illness or genetic syndrome. In this case fast, target genetic analysis can give you a much more accurate diagnosis.


Increased bitemporal width, broad forehead, Intertemporal widening, Bitemporal widening, raised bitemporal dimension, vast forehead, raised width that the forehead.



Optional syndromes:

Smith-Magenis syndrome
Char syndrome
Williams syndrome

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Increased bitemporal width, large forehead, Intertemporal widening, Bitemporal widening, enhanced bitemporal dimension, wide forehead, increased width the the forehead.

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*An secluded symptom go not fulfill the definition of a syndrome. A syndrome, by definition, is a group of signs and symptoms that occur together and form an i can identify pattern.