1. This is a term the is used in baseball and softball to define the batter that hits after the batter who is right now in the on-deck circle.

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2. This ax is likewise used come describe an adverse count because that either a pitcher or a hitter.

3. This also describes the open areas between the shortstop and 3rd baseman, and the 2nd baseman and an initial baseman wherein a base hit can gain through. Although there is additionally a gap in between the shortstop and 2nd baseman, this area is much more commonly described as up the middle.

Examples Of how In The feet In supplied In Commentary

1. And also to begin off the optimal of the inning is Hamilton, v Johnson waiting on-deck and also Sanchez wait in the hole.

2. The pitcher is can not to get a strike and quickly drops in the hole 2-0.

3. The hitter swings and also misses at the pitch and also quickly falls in the hole 0-2.

4. Jeter currently a solitary through the hole and also a jogger will score.

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Although a player can’t totter the bat once they are in the hole, they deserve to still prepare for their at-bat. Generally stationed in ~ the prior of the dugout, close come the on-deck circle, the batter deserve to watch the pitcher to watch if there’s any benefit they deserve to gain. Castle can additionally determine what method they will certainly take throughout their at-bat, relying on if there are runners on-base or not.

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The term “in the hole” many likely evolved from the boating ax “in the hold” (referring to the cargo hold) which is the ar prior to being “on deck” on a boat.

Sports The ax Is Used

1. Baseball 2. Softball

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