Setting: a Salem jail cellHerrick come in, drunk, and also nudges Sarah great to wake her up. Tituba additionally wakes up. Herrick tells the two of lock to acquire out of there. He asks wherein they’re going and Tituba states they’re going come Barbados.When castle hear a cow bellowing, Tituba states it is “the majesty” and also calls out for it to take her home.The Deputy governor arrives. Danforth and Hathorne enter, complied with by Cheever. They desire to understand when Hale arrived and what he to be doing here.Herrick states that that sits and also prays with those who space going to hang.Danforth claims that man has actually no appropriate to it is in here, for this reason why walk Herrick let him in?Herrick claims that Parris has actually commanded it. Danforth desires to recognize if he’s drunk, and Herrick lies, speak no, it’s simply cold in there.Angry, discovering Herrick is lying, Danforth regulates that he fetch Parris, then comments on exactly how it stinks favor liquor.When Herrick leaves, Hathorne and also Danforth talk about the Hale and Parris situation. They uncover it strange the Parris is likewise praying v Hale, and also Hathorne marvels if Parris has started to go crazy.Cheever speaks up and says that the cows. So countless owners room in jail that their cows space wandering about all over the place, and everybody is arguing around who castle belong come now. Parris has actually been trying to solve the disputes.Parris walks in and also greets Danforth and Hathorne. Danforth automatically tells him the he shouldn’t let Hale in to check out the prisoners, but Parris states that Hale has actually been urging Rebecca Nurse to confess and save she life.Then Parris admits that his niece Abigail has disappeared through Mercy Lewis. He think they’ve boarded a ship and also escaped the area. Abigail even damaged into his strongbox and took all his money.Parris thinks the rebellion in Andover, whereby they threw out the witchcraft court (a rebellion Danforth states is over) is what has actually caused Abigail come flee.Then Parris start standing up for those who are left to hang. He states some of those who hanged earlier were bad sorts—they drank their family members to ruin, or they lived in sin for part years prior to marrying—but Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor are good people. Hathorne responds that she is condemned as a witch, and Parris suggests that castle postpone the hangings for some time. Danforth denies the request yet does say the he will job-related until dawn v those who could still be brought to God.Then Parris claims that his life is in danger, as he has received threats. If Danforth proceeds by hanging this folks….Reverend Hale enters, feather sorrowful and tired and confrontational.He asks Danforth to pardon those who have yet to be punished, but Danforth claims he can’t execute that due to the fact that others have already been hanged because that the exact same crime.They revolve their conversation to Proctor, and Danforth wonders if that might adjust his mind and also confess if the sees his wife, who is now really pregnant. Parris thinks it’s possible, if Hale urges Danforth again come postpone. He says that if that doesn’t, he will certainly urge civilization to rebel.Why room you here, Danforth wants to know. Hale responds that he’s right here to perform the Devil’s work—to advice Christians come lie.Herrick enters v Elizabeth. Hale urges she to speak with her husband, to compel him to confess for this reason he can live. He states he made mistakes in the past and he will certainly count himself a murderer if Proctor hangs.Then Danforth join in the urging, though with a different purpose—he thinks Proctor is guilty. That asks Elizabeth if she is a stone. Her husband is walking to hang in the morning—doesn’t she desire him come live?Elizabeth says she would prefer to watch him, but she no promise to to convince him of anything.John Proctor now enters, a changed man—bearded, dirty. He and also Elizabeth look at each various other with deep sorrow and emotion.Hale asks Danforth to offer them part privacy, and so the men record out, though it take away Parris a tiny longer—he demands to get an “icy stare” indigenous Proctor before he gets the point.At first, Elizabeth and also Proctor comment on the son that is yet to it is in born, and also who is taking treatment of the other children. Elizabeth says countless have confessed, a hundreds or more, yet Rebecca refuses come confess. Giles Corey was tortured to death when large stones were placed on his chest to shot to do him confess. He refused to confess, however he also refused to deny the charge; doing so would have meant he can not have passed his farm on come his sons.Proctor claims he has actually been reasoning he would certainly confess, and he desires to recognize what she would think the this. She claims she would not referee him. He states he is no a great man, and if that goes come the hanging there is no confessing, the is saying he is a great man.He desires Elizabeth’s forgiveness. She claims it is no hers come give.He asks again. She states he demands to forgive himself, however she virtually sobs together she claims it.Then Elizabeth states she knows he is a great man. She states it bring away a cold wife to revolve a man into a lecher. The is acquisition her sins upon himself, she says. She believes the she didn’t love herself, for this reason she couldn’t accept his love.Hathorne enters and asks Proctor what he would say. Dawn is breaking. Proctor says he wants his life, and also Hathorne leaves, saying the Proctor is going to confess.Proctor transforms to his wife and also asks her if what he has done is evil, and she sobs, speak she will not judge.Hathorne, Danforth, Cheever, Parris, and Hale enter, praising God and also saying the Proctor need to sign his confession. But at that, Proctor balks. He does not desire to write his confession out. He will confess verbally yet he will not sign.Proctor is in the middle of make his verbal confession when Rebecca Nurse enters. She is shocked and dismayed to hear that confess.Danforth asks Proctor if he ever saw any of the others v the Devil, however Proctor denies ever before seeing any kind of of them with the Devil.Then Danforth claims he cannot accept the confession, together it is a lie. Rather have already said they observed these people, consisting of Rebecca Nurse, with the Devil.If the is true, Proctor counters, climate why does he require Proctor to likewise say it?Hale actions in and also asks Danforth to accept Proctor’s confession. It is enough, he says, that he is convicting himself.Danforth accepts the confession, yet Proctor still i will not ~ sign. And Danforth won’t be satisfied there is no a signature. So Proctor signs, yet then he won’t give the signed confession ago to Danforth.When Danforth protests, Proctor claims that God watch his sins and that is enough. He states he has three children and he can not teach lock what is appropriate and great if that sells his friend out.Danforth suggests it is no various if he claims Proctor claimed something or if Proctor signs it, but Proctor states that’s not true. This is his name, the just name that has; he has provided Danforth his soul, but he won’t give him his name.And so Danforth states the file is a lie, and he can’t expropriate it.Proctor tears the paper and crumples it. Danforth calls for the Marshal, if Parris and also Hale plead through Proctor to readjust his mind.But Proctor says he will go to his fatality with at the very least some kindness in him.As Elizabeth bursts right into tears, he tells her no to cry because that provides them pleasure.Rebecca counsels him not to it is in afraid due to the fact that “another referee waits united state all.”Danforth and also Herrick leave. Rebecca starts to faint, and also Proctor records her. She apologizes, speak she has had actually no breakfast.Herrick take away the 2 of castle out.

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Parris urges Elizabeth to walk to her husband if there’s still time. Lock hear the to explode of drums.Hale, also, pleads with her to go talk to her husband, to to convince him no to provide up his life for nothing.But Elizabeth states she cannot take it his goodness native him, now that he has it.The drums crash and Hale “weeps in frantic prayer,” when the sunrise lamp up Elizabeth’s face.The curtain falls.

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