When us send a text on Kik Messenger, the server sends back a review status receipt the goes through the letters S, D, and also R. Girlfriend may an alert there space times as soon as a read receipt ~ above a Kik article seems to hang with a “D” for longer than usual before changing to one “R.” There are a variety of reasons why a message may remain in “D” status for one extended period of time. Have actually you ever wondered, “What does “D” typical on Kik?”

Kik message Indicator


Kik Messenger provides its users with a neat function that lets you know the progression your post makes on its way to her friend. When you an initial send a Kik message, the receipt letter will typically be an “S,” which way the message has actually left your phone yet has no arrived however to the Kik servers. This standing usually passes nearly immediately. If the “S” go not easily appear and then adjust to a “D,” over there is a network difficulty that is staying clear of Kik’s servers from receiving her message. You should examine your Wi-Fi or network settings.

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Once a message has actually reached the Kik Messenger servers, its receipt condition indicator transforms to a “D” to show that the article is in the procedure of being delivered from Kik’s servers to your contact. There are two phases come the “D” status.


When the “D” is a faded, irradiate gray color, your message has reached the Kik servers but is no yet delivered to the intended recipient’s device. As soon as the “D” turns dark, the message has been delivered to the device.

As long as the blog post remains in “D” status, be it a light or dark “D,” that is in the procedure of being delivered to the recipient by Kik Messenger and also has no been read. When the message is read, as you may know, the condition turns from “D” for “delivering” to an “R” for “read.”

Every now and also then, there will be a Kik message that goes come “D” status and then appears to cave there for a lengthy time. A text can successfully breakthrough from “S” come “D” status just to stall top top “D” because that a number of reasons.

Faded “D” Status


When a Kik article status indicator hangs in the lighter “D” standing for what seems choose too long, it way the message efficiently reached and now safely lives on Kik’s servers, and also the servers room waiting because that an possibility to deliver the article to her contact’s device. A Kik message might remain in this irradiate or faded “D” status for number of reasons. Some of the an ext common people are:

The recipient has turned off she device. Probably she is in a work atmosphere where all cell phones are forced to it is in off. Or, she can be in a church service or in ~ a theater wherein she has either turn off she smartphone or put it in airplane mode. Since this cuts the phone off from the Wi-Fi connection, the Kik Messenger app is off and also cannot receive your article until the is rotate on again.The phone may be malfunctioning. A drained battery will certainly power under a device. That is not possible to rotate on part devices, also when attached come a charger, until there is enough of a recharge because that it to turn on again and run its basic functions. If you send a Kik message to a girlfriend while his phone call is in this state, it cannot be yielded until the smartphone returns to its strength on status.The article was sent out to an iphone phone or windows device. Once Kik Messenger it is provided a message to an iphone or home windows phone, just the push an alert goes v at first. The blog post itself is not ceded to the device until the recipient wakes increase the phone and opens the Kik Messenger app. Until your friend has an opportunity to open the Kik app, the article cannot be delivered.

Solid “D” Status


When your sent blog post hangs in the dark or hard “D” status for a long time, it method the message has actually been yielded to the device but your friend has not read it.


A Kik Messenger review receipt that remains in “D” standing for much more than a couple of minutes is no unusual. The human may it is in in one more room native his phone, in the middle of a chore, or at a cash it is registered making a purchase. When the Kik Messenger check out receipt continues to be in “D” condition for hours, however, we begin to wonder. Depending upon the role this human holds in our life, we might worry, even end up being angry, when we understand our kik is ~ above her maker but she has actually not taken the time to review it.

Fortunately, it turns out that 99% of the time, every is fine through our contact and we hear native them reasonably soon. While waiting, though, don’t let your mind go quickly to its issue place. Remind yourself that prolonged solid “D” status of your read receipt top top a Kik message have the right to mean a variety of things, including:

The human being is really busy ideal now. This might be any kind of of the instances outlined above except that in this instance the machine is placed in silent mode with the Kik Messenger application open. In this situation, the call is still associated to the World broad Web therefore the post is marked as yielded (a dark “D”). Her Kik blog post is on your friend’s maker but prompt circumstances perform not allow him to examine them. The blog post that made it properly from your device through the Kik Messenger servers and also onto your friend’s an equipment now waits until his instance changes.The battery on your contact’s call may have died, or some various other accident calculation the phone the end of network, after Kik Messenger yielded your message yet before they might read it.

When a post you send is still hanging in solid “D” condition by the next time you watch that person, you deserve to ask them around it. If lock are analysis messages in a way that go not instantly generate a review receipt, friend will know that you have the right to never tell when they have actually read your messages till they allow the condition update go through.

If you ask a person about a message and also it transforms out the they have actually you blocked, they might tell friend or they may play dumb. Also, that is always possible that they to be intending to block who else and also hit her name through mistake. Asking around it may offer them a welcomed opportunity to solve that by unblocking you and making sure the right person is blocked.

Off/Disconnect Message

When friend send a article to who who has not turn on his or she Kik Messenger application for number of days, the message could remain v a “D” condition for a long time. Perhaps your call is top top vacation, overloaded with work, or cramming for exams and feels he has to ignore every social call for a if to achieve his goals.

Kik Messenger allows you understand this v the message, “Oops the looks choose this person’s phone has actually been off/disconnected for a while. We’ll supply your message as soon as they connect again.” This is a courtesy to the sender so the you room not wonder if over there is a problem with the post being delivered, or whether the call is ignoring or prevent you.

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Later, You’ll Laugh

In the sweetness of friendship let over there be laughter, and also sharing that pleasures. For in the dew of small things the heart finds that morning and also is refreshed.- Khalil Gibran

The steps taken through Kik Messenger in its initiative to administer updates come senders on the progress of kiks making their means to friend is extensive. Girlfriend are constantly in the loop. Yet, just the receiver has manage over as soon as or exactly how a blog post is read, and also Kik Messenger cannot update your check out receipt status to “R” until the review signal reaches its servers. Whether there is a difficulty with your contact’s phone, your call is the end of pocket, or something rather is walking on, girlfriend (and her Kik Messenger) cannot know until the friend resumes text massage or you reach them in some other way. While the is useful to discover What does “D” average On Kik, the best you can do as soon as that happens is come relax and also stay calm. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the secret will it is in solved and also you will share a laugh through your friend over how, as soon as your kik chimed in, his phone slipped out of his hand and also into a sink complete of dirty bowl — and greasy water. It’s almost always naught personal.

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