From Wikipedia, I understand Aye aye sir is supplied in a naval response. Ns want recognize the origin of why Aye aye sir is supplied here?

Another question: once I saw TV series A song of Ice and Fire, I uncovered Aye is used in your conversation. In which cases could Aye be used?



The appearance of words "aye" double is to denote that the order has actually been interpreted and will certainly be brought out. Per the wikipedia post you cited:

It different from yes, which, in traditional usage, can mean simple agreement without any intention to act. ... This might be a matter of life and death because that a ship at sea.

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The marine heritage FAQ also offers a less-than-definitive explanation the the origin:

This affirmative expression is generally an alleged to be a corruption the the indigenous Yea, yea. The insurance claim is progressed that Cockney accents readjusted the Yea to Yi, and from over there it was a simple transition to Aye.

There room some various other thoughts ~ above the matter, yet generally a absence of consensus on how exactly it came about.

To your second question, "aye" in general can it is in a substitute because that "yes", particularly in variants of brother

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"aye" might be linked in some way with one old Latin defective verb "aio" definition "I to speak yes". I haven"t confirm if this connection holds water, that is a very first idea, however I think it might be possible. I"ll execute some research.

Added:Etymonline says: beginning unknown. Three hypotheses: indigenous I, different from yes, indigenous aye 2, adverb.

I think the hypothesis of Latin aio could be possible. Another thing is to obtain an idea what food this Latin formula can have taken. Probably it came to be a conventional formula in nautical language in roman inn times and also slowly spread right into other languages. I don"t understand the equivalent nautical formulas in Italian, Spanish, French etc. But it would be exciting to figure this out.

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"Aye" or "aye, aye" way you might not agree through the order but it will certainly be carried out automatically because you trust her captain v your life. A "Yes, Sir" response method you know the order but need much more information prior to carrying the end the order.I have actually no references other than one old salty master Chief I served under in the us Navy.

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