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Another week another word.

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The verb: Ancora <ˈankora>

What does that mean? There is actually a couple of translations for ancora in English, it depends on the context. It can mean – still, again, yet and even.


Why is it my word the the week? Today few of my student were discovering the current perfect it is too dirty (e.g. Have you done your homework yet?). Normally this led me to find out the usage of ancora. Over there is a little difficulty for Italian speaker to learn it as it doesn’t exactly exist in Italian. The same uses to English speakers. If friend would prefer to know an ext about the differences in between the present perfect in Italian and English, look at here.

Here space some helpful phrases. 

Ancora a lungo – quiet for some time.

Ancora una volta – however again/once more/once and also again.

Ancora, di nuovo – perform over again.

La strada è ancora lunga (idiom) – there is still lot to do.

Il meglio deve ancora arrivare – the ideal is yet to come.

Un capitolo ancora tutto da scrivere – the chapter has actually yet to be written.

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Hope this has been helpful….until following time.