The elements with outer complete shells space the noble gases or inert gases or group O elements. Castle are said to have actually a completer octet.

The elements in this group are:

Helium the Neon NeArgon ArKrypton KrXenon Xe Radon Rn

2. What perform you an alert about the place of the aspects in #1?

The elements here are situated in the last team on the routine table and also it is the p-block.

3. Which aspects had only one valence electron?

The alkali metals have only one electron in your outermost shell. Lock are situated in the first group on the periodic table. This team is made up of metals.

4. What execute you notice about the place of the aspects in #3?

They are situated in the an initial group on the regular table and also they have one valence electron

5. What perform you notice about the variety of valence electrons as you move from left come right throughout a row or period in the regular table? (Na - Mg - Al Si p S - CI - An

The variety of valence electrons boosts from left to ideal on the periodic table. Moving across a duration is like going indigenous one group to another and the variety of valence electrons rises in the manner.

6. What perform you notice about the number of energy levels or shells together you relocate down a team or tower in the regular table? (H Li - Na)

The energy levels increases. Together one goes under a team the atomic radii increases as brand-new energy levels and also electronic shells are added to equivalent atoms.

7. Facets are arranged into family members according to your physical and chemical properties. Determine the facets that you provided in step 5 that belong to each family based on the variety of valence electrons. Offer the name and symbol for each element,

team 1 or family members 1 elements:

Lithium Li

sodium Na

Potassium K

Rubidium Rb

Cesium Cs

Francium Fr

All that the aspects in this team have similar chemical and also physical properties. Lock all have actually one electron in your valence shell.

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Alkali metals - 1 valence electron

Alkaline earth Metals - 2 valence electrons

Boron family - 3 valence electrons

Carbon household 4 valence electrons

Nitrogen family - 5 valence electrons

Oxygen family members - 6 valence electrons

Halides - 7 valence electrons

Noble Gases - finish outermost shell

8. What do you an alert about the ar of the elements in each family?

The ar of each element in the family members is based upon the atom numbers. This is the variety of protons an atom contains.

Each facet is arranged in upright columns and also they all have the same number of valence electrons.

9. Exactly how would friend classify hydrogen? Why?

I will certainly classify hydrogen as a group O element.

Hydrogen has actually just one electron. This electron is located in the 1s orbital and also half-filled orbitals are additionally stable like fully filled orbitals.

Also, hydrogen is a gas and it can not be put into a group of metals. Thus it would certainly fit well right into the noble gases.

10. Guess the number of valence electrons for each facet based ~ above its location in the routine Table the Elements. You will need to use the table in your textbook

Barium 2 electron Alkali earth metals

Xenon 8 electron Noble gases

Potassium 1 electron Alkali metals

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