Later this evening Mrs. Claus will be in phibìc Pole chat to talk about two things – cookie for Santa and also what to feed the reindeer top top Christmas Eve.

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I can tell girlfriend that most people constantly remember the cookie for Santa. Yet reindeer food is practically always forgotten about until the critical minute. The course, everyone wants to psychic the reindeer but when it concerns feeding castle you must be a bit much more careful. The is more about what not to give them 보다 anything else.

Reindeer space athletes. Paris Santa about the world is an strong event. They require special food come remain active and come not acquire sick. Reindeer have breakable digestive systems — tummies that are upset easily by eating the wrong type of things — for this reason you desire to be responsibility of what friend leave the end for them.

Believe the or not, the most basic and desired food the reindeer want is water. Water is so necessary for them and they really appreciate being able come drink water when Santa is in the house.

Many times, Santa has to go acquire them water when he is at a house. So when you leave out water because that the reindeer you are not just helping the reindeer girlfriend are also helping Santa.

Some people, do the efforts to it is in helpful, like to leave the end sweet things for the reindeer choose extra cookies or particularly candy canes. After ~ all, the is Christmas and also the reindeer deserve a act too, right?

Well, sweets like that are not treats because that reindeer. Those points will upset their tummies. If you want to offer the reindeer anything, think the these kinds of things as treats for reindeer:

Cheerios or various other unsweetened cereal that includes either wheat or oatsCarrotsBananas (they LOVE them)Popcorn (unsalted)Rolled oatsStrawberries (or any kind of easily accessible berries)Almonds or walnuts (unshelled)Sunflower seedsAsparagusCelery

Please do not use any of the common recipes because that mixes you check out on the Internet. Adding sprinkles or other creates of processed sugar is NOT good for reindeer and it upsets their tummies.

While some vegetables are great and even appreciated, please stop onions of any kind of kind and also radishes.

One the the vegetable they acquire a lot of in Mexico the they really love is Jicama. Some people do not recognize what the is due to the fact that they have never had actually it. But reindeer love it and also it is to administer it because that them, friend just cut it up into bite sized cubes. Lock love to eat them due to the fact that the water contents in Jicama is an extremely high. The is a actual treat because that reindeer.

Mrs. Claus has other concepts to share v you throughout her chat tonight. If she has any kind of recipes, we will certainly be certain to write-up them.

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ps – A special keep in mind to Ms. Kissinger’s course at Fairview Jewell Elementary. If you will send me a perform of your 2 favorite reindeer I will certainly tell friend what those 2 reindeer like to eat and maybe a story or two about them. Ms. Kissinger can upload her answer via our Teacher page.