Converting km/h to m/s means that we are converting the units of a given speed from kilometer per hour to meter per second. For example, the speed of a car is given as 80 km/h and the speed of a bus is 220 m/s, and we need to compare their speeds. This can be done when we bring both the speeds to the same unit. We should either convert the speed of m/s to km/h, or convert the speed of km/h to m/s to compare and know which vehicle travels faster.This conversion is done by using a conversion factor.

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Let us have a look at this topic in order to understand the concept of unit conversion fromkm/h to m/s better.

1.What is km/h and m/s?
2.What is the General Formula to Convert km/h to m/s?
3.How to Convert km/h to m/s?
4.FAQs on Convert km/h to m/s

What is km/h and m/s?

The unit of speed thatis expressed in terms of kilometers and hours is written as km/h. Here, 'km' represents kilometres and 'h' represents hour. It defines the number of kilometers traveled in one hour. It is read as 'kilometer per hour'. On the other hand,m/s is the unit of speed which is expressed in terms of meters and seconds, where 'm' stands for meters and 's' stands for seconds. It defines the number of metres traveled in one second. It is read as 'meter per second'. These units and unit conversions are used in Physics and Mathematics to solve various questions related to the topic.

The formula to convert km/h to m/s is simple to understand. First, let us convert kilometer to meters and hours to seconds, individually. We know that 1 kilometer = 1000 meters and 1 hour = 3600 seconds. Now, 1 km/h can also be written as 1000/3600: 1 (kilometer/hour) = 1000/3600(meters/seconds). So, this is the formula which is used to convert km/h to m/s. On simplifying 1000/3600 further, we get 5/18, which can also be used as the conversion factor.


Now, it is possible to convert km/h to m/s using the above formula. We multiply the given speed (in km/h) with the fraction 1000/3600, to get the speed in m/s. We can also use its simplified form (5/18) as the conversion factor.

In order to convert km/h to m/s, we use the following steps in order. First, we multiply the value mentioned in km/h by 1000 (1 km = 1000 m). This is to change the numerator from kilometers into meters. Then, we need to divide the obtained value by 3600 (1 hour = 3600 seconds). This is done to change the unit of the denominator from hours to seconds. Finally, after simplifying the result, we get the value in m/s.

Another way to convert km/h to m/s is to multiply the given speed of km/h with 5/18, which is the simplified form of 1000/3600. For example, to convert 90 km/h to m/s, we multiply 90 with 5/18. After simplifying, we get, (5/18) × 90 = 25 m/s. Therefore, 90 km/h is equal to 25 m/s.

Tips and Tricks onConvert km/h to m/s

Given below are some useful tips and tricks related to convert km/h to m/s. These tips will help you in converting km/h into m/s and vice versa easily.

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1(kilometer/hour) = 1000(meters) / 3600(seconds) can also be expressed as1(kilometer/hour) = 5/18 (meters/second), which is its simplified form.To convert km/h tom/s, directly multiply the given value of speedby the fraction5/18.To convert m/s tokm/h, directly multiply the given value of speed bythe fraction18/5.