bother Potter: 10 concealed Details about Hermione Granger's Costume You never ever Noticed Emma Watson"s Hermione Granger wore part fashionable outfits throughout the harry Potter series. Right here are 10 hidden details around the witch"s costumes

The brightest witch of she age, Hermione Granger, was a Muggle-born witch, member that the stimulate of the Phoenix, and also hero the the battle of Hogwarts. She later worked at the ministry of Magic, both in the Department for the Regulation and also Control of miracle Creatures and also the department of Magical regulation Enforcement, wherein she ended up being Deputy Head. Before all of that, she was a college student at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, whereby she effectively navigated the scholastic and social scenes with her formidable intellect and also a little help in the wardrobe department.

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Below are ten surprise details about Hermione"s costumes you never ever noticed.

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many fans noticed a readjust in the hogwarts dress code in between the 2nd and third Harry Potter movies. Since when did hogwarts students wear Muggle apparel outside that class? and why execute Harry and Ron look so disheveled?

For Hermione, the readjust meant a new hairstyle the was a small sleeker than the bushy brown hair she had actually in the books. If Emma Watson was happy to it is in rid that the character-defining frizz, there is no denying that the Hermione numerous fans had come to love based upon J.K. Rowling"s description of her did not sport long, tousled, well-groomed locks.

one of Hermione"s best-known outfits is the pink hoodie she wore v jeans in Harry Potter and the sinner of Azkaban. It was part of a brand-new set of Muggle apparel for Harry, Ron, and also Hermione to do them seem much more like relatable teens than personalities from a fantasy world.

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This was a controversial adjust because hogwart students wore your uniforms and robes at every times in the Harry Potter books, even when castle weren"t in class. The new costume design also deviated native the much more polished aesthetic of the an initial two movies. Because the actors, narrative, and also fanbase were every maturing, the costumes also had to adjust to fit the brand-new tone.

Hermione wore a pink chiffon gown come the Yule round in Harry Potter and the Goblet the Fire. One the her finest looks, the floor-length gown had actually a tiered skirt that turned a deeper the shade of pink with each layer. It was a youthful style with a touch of whimsy fitting because that a magic ball. Hermione perfect the look with her hair in an updo and also a cascade of curls framing her face.

The Yule round was a transforming point because that Hermione. It was the first time anyone had seen her in dress robes and also without her trademark frizzy hair. No to mention it to be at the Yule sphere that Ron first noticed she to be a girl and not among the boys.


Hermione wore a lot of pink and purple in the later on Harry Potter movies. Beginning with her light pink hoodie in Prisoner of Azkaban and continuing with she pink ballgown in Goblet that Fire (which deviated indigenous the book"s summary of it as "periwinkle-blue"), movie Hermione favored feminine colour paired through denim in practical ensembles.

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For instance, there was the pale pink cardigan she wore when casting the False memory charm on her parents, and the fuschia pullover she donned under a jean jacket in Deathly Hallows. Splashes of pink likewise appeared top top Hermione"s hats, mittens, and scarves in winter weather scenes.

Hermione attend Fleur and also Bill"s wedding in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows wearing a gorgeous red cocktail dress that would certainly be difficult to miss in a crowd -- even if the crowd remained in Piccadilly Circus amongst double-decker buses. The custom-made dress featured a floral information at the waist through ruffles running down the skirt. The is possibly the most mature of Hermione"s costumes and a lot stronger color than she commonly wears.

The wedding is especially Hermione"s last moment of glamour prior to disaster strikes, and the movie keeps she in more functional clothing as she searches because that Horcruxes through Harry and also Ron.


Emma Watson brought about a stir when she showed up at the premiere that Harry Potter and also the Deathly Hallows with a pixie cut. She to be contractually obligated to save her hair lengthy for the expression of her time as Hermione Granger and celebrated the contract"s end by chopping off she brunette locks after filming for the last film wrapped.

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A correct haircut is widely understood as a desire for readjust and severing ties from one"s past. After virtually a te of functioning on the Harry Potter films, it was no wonder that Watson wanted to kick off a new chapter of her life with a fresh hairdo.

as she prospered older, Hermione became much more adventurous fashion-wise. She occurred a sense of layout that was rather apparent in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, where she pull in standard tailored pieces with simple accessories and also pops that color. A good example is the gray structure peacoat the she coordinated through a pink beret and gloves, adding a touch the brightness and also femininity to her look. In an additional scene, she loser the hat and layers the peacoat end a beige sweater that simply peeks out over her collar. The peacoat bears a striking same to a coat Hermione attract in Harry Potter and also the Goblet of Fire -- perhaps it"s a longtime closet staple?


Hermione wore plenty of cozy sweaters and also scarves in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The knits were especially prominent once the trio that Harry, Hermione, and also Ron camped in the woods. Hermione wore a soft grey sweater through a fair isle pattern and also accessorized it with a scarf and also multicolored, fingerless gloves.

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The colors indigenous the pattern, scarf, and gloves contrasted nicely with the dreary grey and blue tones of the rest of the scene. Harry and also Ron also dressed in chunky knits for this component of the story, and while the trio was scared and uncertain of the future, castle at the very least looked warm and also snug.

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anytime she remained in school, Hermione wore her compulsory hogwart uniform and robes v Gryffindor colors. At any time she was not in school, she switched out the uniform for one of her casual ensembles, i m sorry were commonly a blouse or sweater in a feminine color paired with skinny jeans and practical shoes. Hermione"s outfits were easily accessible and consisted of of pieces any kind of teenage girl might pick up in ~ the mall. To compare this to Emma Watson, who ended up being a Chanel muse and was photographed by karl Lagerfield and also other big names in the fashion industry as a teenager -- not so relatable!

1 SHE WENT v MANY, plenty of ROBES

while the Hogwarts college supply list called for only three set of plain work-related robes, Emma Watson went with at the very least twenty robes during her time in the franchise. In fact, the costume department listed more 보다 20,000 robes in complete for the whole cast throughout all the Harry Potter movies. This was necessary as result of the slim size and also diversity of the cast as well as the adjustments that required to it is in made once working with rapidly farming children. For the final battle at hogwart alone, each kid went through 10-15 robes every day as they kept tripping and also ripping them during filming.