One the the most iconic and also popular fear franchises to ever come right into existence, specifically out of the 1980’s, has been the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. Ever because Wes Craven presented the human being to his personality Freddy Krueger, play by Robert Englund in A Nightmare top top Elm Street and all of its original sequels, the personality has end up being a mainstay in pop culture fandom. When he’s no as famous now, Freddy Krueger is still just as relevant, continually gift parodied and also featured in a plethora that appearances come this day. Now read on below to uncover out why Freddy Krueger’s sweater contains its signature red and green stripes.

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While there room plenty of factors for Freddy’s popularity, including the fully perfect script and also direction Wes Craven took with the initial A Nightmare ~ above Elm Street film, yes no doubt something around Freddy Krueger’s appearance that both resonates with and also scares fans throughout the globe. There seems to it is in no end to his memorable characteristics.

After all, there’s the burn makeup made come resemble that of a cheesy pizza. We have his dirty fedora, and of food trademark glove with razor chisels protruding from the fingertips. Beside from the is his charismatic personality, a character the opposes slasher villains choose Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers by having a feeling of humor and also fun about the evil the he does. Yet one an especially iconic element around Freddy Krueger actually has actually an amazing backstory. It turns out yes sir a factor for Freddy Krueger’s sweater.


As any type of horror pan knows, Freddy Krueger is almost always watched wearing a red and green striped sweater. The an outfit that has been hardly ever altered since its first appearance, many notably the addition of stripes come the sleeves ~ the initial film featured level red sleeves for the arms. Nevertheless, the layout has stayed the same – and as stated, yes an interesting reason for why the is.

It transforms out Wes Craven determined the red and green stripes because that Freddy Krueger’s sweater since of a magazine short article in clinical American. The article explained the a red and green pairing is actually more challenging for people to perceive properly. As such, whenever he’s wearing his sweater, it’s actually creating a subconscious discomfort because that the movie viewer.

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And based upon the darkened green that seems almost eerily black color in some shots and a brighter environment-friendly in others, it’s developed a unique look because that the personality that has actually remained relevant for years now. It just goes to present how much of a mastermind Wes Craven was when making Freddy Krueger, among the fear genre’s most iconic villains.