Colony Founded Region Founder Religion Government Original Purpose Economics Note
Roanoke 1585 Southern teacher Walter Raleigh establish English swarm in new World homesteaders disappeared without a trace.

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Virginia 1607 Southern john Smith Anglican Royal Trade and also profits Tobacco established as joint-stock company. Home of Burgesses (1619).Only 60 of 1st 900 homesteaders survived.
Plymouth 1620 brand-new England wilhelm Bradford Puritan Corporate religious freedom because that Separatists Mixed farmiing Mayflower Compact. Led by wilhelm Bradford
New York 1626 Middle Peter Minuit None Proprietary, then imperial Trade and profits Mixed farming, furs collection up as Dutch colony, taken end by English in 1664
Massachusetts Bay 1630 new England john Winthrop Puritan Corporate spiritual freedom for Puritans Mixed farming, fishing,shipbuilding Led by john Winthrop. 18,000 inhabitants by 1642
New Hampshire 1630 brand-new England john Mason Puritan Corporate, then imperial Escape for those constricted by spiritual and financial rules Mixed farming Puritan harshness led these settlers north and inland.
Maryland 1634 Middle George Calvert None (Anglican after 1692) Proprietary spiritual freedom because that Catholics Tobacco founded by George Calvert. Slow growing (only 600 by 1650.Maryland Toleration action (1649)
Connecticut 1636 brand-new England thomas Hooker Puritan Corporate religious and financial freedom Mixed agriculture leader of Massachusetts request Hooker and followers to leave.
Rhode Island 1636 new England roger Williams None Corporate religious freedom Mixed farming Williams set up most tolerant colony
Delaware 1638 Middle Peter Minuit None Proprietary Trade and also profits.

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established by Sweden; take away by Dutch, then English.
North Carolina 1653 Southern group of proprietors Anglican Proprietary Trade and profits Rice Joint organization venture
New Jersey 1660 Middle mr Berkeley None Proprietary Trade and profits Mixed farming established by Sweden; taken by English in 1664
South Carolina 1670 Southern team of proprietors Anglican Proprietary Trade and profits Rice Rice significant crop.
Pennsylvania 1682 Middle wilhelm Penn None Proprietary spiritual freedom for Quakers; trade and also profits Wheat, mixed farming initially Quaker, this colony ended up being home to numerous Europeanimmigrants
Georgia 1733 Southern JamesOglethorpe Anglican Royal Debtor colony. Rice Buffer for Spanish coloniesOriginally outlawed enslavement and minimal size the land grants to 500acres.