Who is the prettiest warrior cat?

Top 10 Prettiest and also Most Beautiful mrs Warrior Cats

Spottedleaf Spottedleaf is a tortoiseshell she-cat in the collection “Warrior Cats” by Erin Hunter. Silverstream SIlverstream is a character created by Erin Hunter come the book collection named Warrior Cats. Feathertail Feathertail is a fictional character developed by Erin Hunter because that the book collection called Warrior Cats.

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Who walk Cinderpelt love?


Who killed Cloudtail?

Cloudtail gurgulled top top his blood till the blood splurted top top him and he was dead. Firestar stood increase adn threw the two dead bodies into the water, starring wtih pride as dark issue suttonded him, transforming him back to the genuine Firestar.

Who go Cloudtail love?


How did Briarlight die?

When a ship sickness damaged out in ThunderClan, Briarlight yielded to it, much to the medication cats’ dismay. She passed away with her family and loved ones around her and ascended to StarClan, whereby her body to be healed, permitting her come run free like she constantly dreamed of.

Who is Cloudtail’s father?


Who killed Mousefur?

Afterwards Mousefur tells Jayfeather about strange desires from StarClan, making her doubt that the end of the Clans is near. Throughout the an excellent Battle, Mousefur is slain by a Dark forest tom, and the entirety Clan grieves she loss (I deserve to only expect she checked out StarClan).

Who is the imposter Bramblestar?

Bramblestar’s impostor was a former leader that ThunderClan in the lake territories. He was a spirit that own the body of the ThunderClan leader, Bramblestar, having actually been may be to force out Bramblestar’s spirit as soon as he shed a life during an inexplicable attempt to cure the from an illness.

Is Mosskit a boy or girl?

Mosskit is Female. It to be confirmed numerous times in Bluestar’s Prophecy the Mosskit was certainly a she-cat.

Who gave Bluestar she 9 lives?

Bluefur is v Featherwhisker in the shadows the Mothermouth. She has come to receive her nine lives, and also the she-cat is reminded of the moment she came here with Pinestar. When she return to ThunderClan she will be Bluestar, their brand-new leader.

How go Mosskit die?

Due come the hefty snow that leaf-bare, Mosskit passed away of hypothermia follow me the way.

How did Snowfur die?

However, Snowfur was eliminated by a Twoleg monster on the Thunderpath, and she ascended to StarClan. She elevated Mosskit together her own in StarClan and also gave Bluestar one of her ripe lives.

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Who was Whitestorm’s mate?


Who is Whitestorm’s mother?


How old is Bluestar?

Age: Approx. 90 moons (7.5 years) in ~ death.

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