Yellowstone national Park is positioned in phibìc America. It falls within the Boreal woodland (coniferous biome).

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You would certainly not expect lot biodiversity in a climate such as the coniferous forest but within Yellowstone nationwide park 61 different types of mammals thrive.

Only 4 varieties of amphibian and also 6 varieties of reptiles live in ~ Yellowstone. This is due short temperatures and also glacial activity. Ectothermic pets gain heat from the sun and cannot warmth their bodies up enough in Yellowstone’s temperatures.


Snowshoe Hare

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Snowshoe hares room forest-dwellers that favor the special cover of brushy undergrowth. Lock are mostly a northern varieties that inhabits boreal forests and also can also range as much north as the shores of the Arctic Ocean.

They have large feet which aid them move on height of the eye in the winter as it can get really thick.

Snowshoe Hares have a very thick cloak that alters colour from brown to white in the winter. This help them to mix in with the snowy environment and also makes them less visible come predators. Numerous other animals in the coniferous biome usage camouflage to help them survive.

Snowshoe Hares supplied to be a regular sight in areas of the Yellowstone national park however recently they have actually been seen less and also less.

Recent studies have presented that Snowshoe Hare numbers in ~ Yellowstone nationwide park have actually dropped. Current fires in ~ the park have burned the tree coverings and forest floor plants the the hares count on because that cover. Without this trees the eye shoe hares are an extremely vulnerable to attack from predators.

Hares are major consumers. They count on small plants and grasses come survive. V the fires this food sources have been destroyed.

Secondary sequence has not yet fully redeveloped this areas.

A 2005 research by Hodges and Mills showed that the certain areas that the park have actually not yet regenerated enough to sustain this animals. In particular areas they to be present yet in low numbers.

The study supplied capture and release methods and also pellet counting.


“One of the much more interesting things known about hares space the dramatic population cycles the they undergo. Populace densities can vary native 1 come 10,000 hares per square mile. The amplitude that the population fluctuations varies throughout the geographic range.” (N Shefferly, 2007)

The Lynx that reside within the park feeding on the Hares.

The major winter food because that Canada Lynx transparent their variety is the Snowshoe Hare (Lepus americanus), consisting of 35 to 97% of your diet (Koehler and Aubry 1994). The Canada Lynx have actually been existing in Yellowstone since at the very least 1893 (Nps, 2014) In 2000 a inspection was lugged out through the united state Fish and Wildlife organization which found that the lynx are currently “threatened”.

On February 24, 2000, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service provided the Canada Lynx as endangered under the Endangered species Act and on February 24, 2009 an important Habitat was designated together the boreal woodlands of north-western Montana and also the area approximately the greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Critical Habitat to be designated together the boreal forests of north-western Montana and the area roughly the higher Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Lynx habitat in Yellowstone is really fragmented and also they space generally found in conifer forests where the eye shoe hare reside. Together numbers that snowshoe hare have end up being lower so have actually the variety of lynx together there space not sufficient hare to assistance them. The united state wildlife business have uncovered that lynx home range sizes have increased together they travel more to find pray.

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Canada Lynx avoid huge openings yet often hunt follow me edges in areas of thick cover (Ruediger et al. 2000).