a combine form meaning “cutting, incision” of one organ, “excision” of an object, as mentioned by the initial element (appendectomy; lithotomy); additionally occurring in summary nouns matching to adjectives ending in -tomous (dichotomy).

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The combining type -tomy used like a suffix has actually several meanings. In clinical terms, it describes “cutting,” typically in reference to the surgical incision into an organ but sometimes as component of the removal of things from the body.

The combining kind -tomy is also occasionally provided to form abstract noun in recommendation to some form of “division,” together in dichotomy, “division into two parts.”

The combining form -tomy comes from the Greek -tomia, definition “cutting,” i m sorry is based upon the verb témnein, “to cut.”

Related to -tomy space the combining creates -tome, -tomous, and also tomo-. Likewise related come -tomy is -ectomy, which literally way “cutting the end of” and specifically refers to the excision or removal of organs, as in a tonsillectomy.

Learn more about -ectomy in our Words that Use short article for the form.

Also regarded tómos is atom. What’s the huge idea behind atoms and cutting? uncover out in our beginning section because that this term.

Examples that -tomy

An instance of a word friend may have actually encountered that functions -tomy is craniotomy, “the operation of opened the skull, usually for work on the brain.”

The combining type cranio- may also look familiar: it to represent the cranium, additionally known together “skull.” The kind -tomy way “incision,” as we’ve seen. So, craniotomy literally translates to “skull incision.”

What space some words that usage the combining form -tomy?

What are some other creates that -tomy may be typically confused with?

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The combining form entero- way “intestine,” a major organ in the digestive system. What walk the surgical procedure of one enterotomy involve?

How to usage -tomy in a sentence

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British beer-selection.com meanings for -tomy

n combine form
indicating a surgical cutting of a specified part or tissuelobotomy

Word origin for -tomy

from Greek -tomia; view -tome

Medical meanings for -tomy


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Act of cutting; incision:gastrotomy.


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