Crucible tongs are one of the most crucial instruments used in a laboratory. Lock are mostly used to host hot objects including crucibles, flasks, beakers, etc. Without acquiring hurt. Crucible tongs can additionally be offered for managing other potentially dangerous objects that can cause severe injuries. Crucible tongs room shaped choose a pair of scissors, the only distinction is that a regular pair the scissors have sharp blades, while crucible tongs have actually a pair the metal knives that space blunt. The knives of the crucible tongs space curved come facilitate appropriate grip ~ above the object. Lock are obtainable in different sizes, thereby enabling the user to choose the perfect pair together per the requirement. Crucible tongs room generally comprised of metals consisting of brass, steel, stainless steel, nickel-plated steel, cadmium-plated steel, platinum, etc. Steels are great conductors that heat and electricity, i beg your pardon is why the take care of of the crucible tongs gets heated up quickly after gripping the warm object. To mitigate the inconvenience caused due to this residential property of metals, the handles of few of the crucible tongs room equipped v an insulation coating the eases grip and also prevents the conduction of heat. In various other words, crucible tongs are the safety tools used in industries and also laboratories to prevent accidents.

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Types that Crucible Tongs

Types the Crucible Tongs

Charging Tongs

Charging tongs are largely used in industrial applications such regarding place the steels in hot containers for melting and refining purposes.

Latching Tongs

As the surname itself suggests, latching tongs is composed of a latching mechanism that makes use that latch bars to strong grip heavy objects and also lock the position so the the thing does no slip or loss over. These are mostly used in big scale industries and are operated through the help of machines.

Non-Latching Tongs

Non-latching tongs execute not have actually an automatic latching mechanism; however, it is composed of a manually adjustable clamp the facilitates the user to vary the grip of the tongs follow to the nature the the load.

Locking Tongs

Locking tongs have actually a locking system that locks the crucible in in between the blades of the tongs. This helps enhance security and also avoid mishappenings.


Types of Crucible Tongs

Uses of Crucible Tongs 

1. Crucible tongs room widely supplied in biology and chemistry laboratories to hold and pick increase beakers, crucibles, and also flasks.

2. Crucible tongs space the safety tools that are generally used to organize hot objects and also containers the contain toxicity chemicals.

3. They space prominently provided in metal industries to take care of the objects put in furnaces and also ovens. Industrial crucible tongs are comparatively heavy and bulky in nature.

4. Crucible tongs are frequently used in glass factory to fuse the glass.

Safety Precautions while making use of Crucible Tongs

1. Always wear safety and security goggles and gloves while utilizing crucible tongs and working in an atmosphere exposed come heat and also chemicals.

2. Before use, make certain the crucible tongs room clean and also dry.

3. After ~ use, wash the crucible tongs with a clean solution, soak them v a dried cloth, and also store lock in a secure and also clean environment.

4. The crucible tongs are comprised of metals hence, they may suffer corrosion and type rust. Perfect measures have to be taken frequently to stop it.

5. Crucible tongs have to not be used for electrical applications as they are mostly comprised of metals; therefore, space not shock resistant.

6. To avoid spillage, make certain the container come be organized by the crucible tongs is not completely filled.

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7. The force applied by the user to the crucible tongs have to be adequate, i.e., no too lot or as well low. This is due to the fact that too much intensity that the force might crack and also break the container and too small force would certainly not enable the user to have a suitable grip top top the object.