The map has vertical currently (top to bottom) and horizontal lines (left to right). This lines type small squares 1,000 meters on each side referred to as grid squares.

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The present that type grid squares space numbered along the external edge that the map picture. No 2 grid squares have actually the exact same number.

The precision that a allude location is shown by the number of digits in the coordinates: the an ext digits, the much more precise the location.

1996-a 1,000 meter grid square. 192961-to the nearest 100 meters. 19269614-to the nearest 10 meters

Look at figure 1. Your attend to is network square 1181. How do you understand this? begin from the left and also read right until you come to 11, the very first half of your address. Then read up to 81, the various other half. Your attend to is somewhere in grid square 1181.

NOTE: always begin your reading from the southwest corner of her square.


Grid square 1181 gives your basic neighborhood, but there is a lot of ground inside the grid square. To make her address much more accurate, just add another number to the first half and another number come the 2nd half-so your attend to has six numbers rather of four.

To get those extra numbers, pretend the each net square has actually ten lines within it to run north and south, and also another 10 to run east and west. This renders 100 smaller sized squares. You deserve to estimate where these imaginary lines are.

Suppose you space halfway in between grid line 11 and also grid heat 12. Climate the next number is 5 and the very first half the your resolve is 115. Now suppose friend are also 3/10 the the method between grid heat 81 and grid line 82. Climate the second half of your deal with is 813. (If friend were exactly on heat 81, the second part would it is in 810). Your address is 115813 (B, number 5 18).

The most accurate method to determine the coordinates of a point on a map is to usage a name: coordinates scale. You perform not need to use imagine lines; girlfriend can uncover the exact collaborates using a name: coordinates Scale and Protractor. This machine has two coordinating scales, 1:25,000 meters and also 1:50,000 meters. Make sure you usage the exactly scale.


First, situate the grid square in i m sorry the allude (for example, point A, figure 2) is located (the allude should already be plotted top top the map).

The variety of the vertical grid line on the left (west) side of the grid square is the first and 2nd digits the the coordinates.

The number of the horizontal grid line on the bottom (south) side of the grid square is the fourth and fifth digits of the coordinates.


To identify the third and sixth digits of the coordinates, ar the coordinate range on the bottom horizontal grid line of the net square containing point A.

Check to see that the zeros of the coordinate scale are in the reduced left hand (southwest) edge of the map net square.

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Slide the scale to the right, maintaining the bottom of the scale on the bottom grid line until point A is under the upright (right hand) range (Figures 3 and also 4).


On the bottom scale, the 100 meter mark nearest the vertical grid line gives the 3rd digit, 5. ~ above the upright scale, the 100 meter mark nearest suggest A provides the sixth digit, 3. Therefore, the six-digit grid name: coordinates is 115813