Here are the four different parts that the Mass and what each part signifies.

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In the roman Rite that the Catholic Church, there space four various parts the the Mass. These components each represent different spirituality truths and administer for us the capability to enter more deeply right into the paschal mystery.

Introductory Rites

The very first part that the massive is concentrated on “preparation,” prepare our hearts to obtain Jesus in the Word and also the Eucharist.

It is a change period, once we renounce our sins and also turn towards the Lord through a fix up zeal.

This component consists that a couple of subsections.

Entrance ProcessionGreetingPenitential ActGlory come GodCollect (Opening Prayer)

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Liturgy the the Word

This an initial primary part of the fixed is derived from the Jewish synagogue service and also consists the 2-3 readings indigenous scripture, regularly selected indigenous the Old and new Testaments. The monk or deacon will certainly then reflect on the readings in his homily, explaining them and their context in salvation history.

It is a ar where us listen to words of God and also what God desires to speak to our hearts.

The Liturgy of the word ends v the “Universal Prayer,” which is more commonly recognized as the “intercessions.”


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Liturgy the the Eucharist

The third component of the massive is a re-presentation the the last Supper, whereby Jesus instituted the Eucharist and also gave to his apostles his body and also blood, under the appearances that bread and wine.

It isn’t simply a re-enactment that a past event, yet is a mystical fact where we room transported to the last Supper and Mount Calvary at the foot of the cross.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church supplies a much more precise explanation.

The Eucharist is the memorial the Christ’s Passover, the do present and the sacramental giving of his unique sacrifice, in the liturgy the the Church which is his Body.

In the sense of spiritual Scripture the memorial is not merely the recollection of past events but the proclamation of the mighty works wrought through God because that men. In the liturgical solemn event of this events, they become in a certain means present and also real. (CCC 1362-1363)

This is additionally the component of the massive when we obtain Jesus himself, his body, blood, soul and also divinity, in divine communion.


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Concluding Rites

The final component of the fixed is the conclusion of the liturgical rites, but additionally a “commission,” whereby we are sent out out right into the world.

This is especially evident when the adhering to dismissal words room used.

Go and announce the Gospel the the Lord

Go in peace, glorifying the mr by your life

We are an alleged to take the graces we obtained at Mass and also spread lock joyfully to those approximately us.


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