Finding one affordable candle line that is consistent, uses a wide range of scents, and provides a long-lasting odor throw deserve to be a challenging mission. I have found, together I’m sure you have too, that countless candles just live up to one of these standards. However, after some trial and error over the years, I’ve ultimately landed top top a brand the meets all of the criteria that i look for in a dependable, affordable candle. The brand that I decided on is Walmart’s Mainstays candle collection. 
Mainstays candles sell a huge selection of scents favor garden rain, hazelnut cream, and also mulled cider the you have the right to enjoy before, during, and after friend burn the candle. These candles are affordable come anyone who desires to reap a candle in their home and are make in the USA. I believe that these qualities make Mainstays candle a great option for day-to-day use roughly the house.

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To help you gain a deeper look in ~ the Mainstays candle collection, I’ll it is in reviewing six of my favourite Mainstays candle scents and also giving you a malfunction of the pros and also cons of every option. I’ll likewise touch top top the Mainstay brand’s mission and why your pledge to offer “Made-in-the-USA” assets makes them unique. 


The Mainstays Brand

Mainstays is just one of the flagship brand’s sold by Walmart in its countless stores throughout the country. The brand brand goes on all species of items in the stores – pots, dishes, cups, pillows, blankets, curtains, candles – all of which cater to the brand’s namesake. The surname Mainstay refers to important items that one can not live without, and indeed the items sold under the Mainstay label are staples that practically everyone demands in their home. 
The brand started in 1996 and also referred to Walmart’s warehouse bins, but it has expanded over the past two and half decades to incorporate the wide range of house decor and lifestyle products noted above. The items are produced by subcontracted companies and sold under the Mainstay label. The direct connect to the manufacturer of the Mainstays candle collection is difficult to come by, however the line does insurance claim to be made in the USA with 90% or much more parts. 

The attract of Mainstays Candles and also Homegoods

What provides Mainstays candles and other home products attractive to customers room the affordable prices and also relatively an excellent quality materials. For about the expense of a sophisticated coffee drink, you deserve to buy a coffee-scented candle that will certainly last you whole week (if girlfriend burn the every day) or longer. While various other brands tout “hand-poured” candles in designer containers or use 100% soybean beans wax through only crucial oil blends because that scent, lock are often priced in a selection that renders them unaffordable, especially if you like to light your candles more than when a week. Mainstays candles also come in a range of wax colors. This makes it super straightforward to seize a candle the matches your decor or to fit that in v your seasonal accessories roughly the house. You have the right to grab anything indigenous white to black color or blue, to purple, pink, and also even green, yellow, or orange. Although the ingredient list of Mainstays candle isn’t directly listed, i am utilizing an educated guess to recognize that they usage a paraffin wax blend, noodle wicks, and also synthetic fragrance oil to craft your luminaries. This allows the candle to it is in priced more affordably, boast a longer burn time, and a farther-reaching litter scent that is far better than some deluxe candles. 

A testimonial of 6 Mainstays Candles

1. Mainstays 11.5oz fragrant Candle, Garden Rain 4-pack

The Mainstays Garden Rain candle comes in an open beveled glass container. The label features a couple of green leaves through water droplets hanging ~ above to their surface. The wax is a pretty deep teal blue, which matches the refresh scent. I really gain this candle due to the fact that of its fresh, facility smell. I noticed ideas of grass, rose, water lily, and even an aquatic element. 
There is 11.5 oz of wax in the container, and also the candle has 3 cotton wicks. Ns got around 72 hours of burn time native this one candle, so because that me, that was just about five work of lighting the candle every evening. This is a nice clean odor candle, and I melted it there is no needing to trim that is wicks. ProsClean, strong scentEasy peel brand so I might use the candle there is no the stickerGorgeous teal blue colorVery affordableConsTook a little longer than preferred to light every wick== examine Price ~ above Amazon ==

2. Mainstays 11.5oz fragrant Candle, Lilac Breeze 4-Pack

The Lilac Breeze Mainstays candle is just one of their floral fragrant options. This candle functions lovely light purple wax the looked good in my teenager’s purple bedroom. She chosen the fragrance that emitted even before we lit the three wicks. The candle smells that lilac flowers, with a hints of apple and aromatic greens. Over there is also an undertone of woodiness and also musk. The reminded me of walking v a colorful garden ~ above a pleasant summer day. I loved just how the odor lingered lengthy after we had put the flame out for the afternoon. We just lit this candle about twice a week, so the lasted united state over 2 weeks. The candle was so affordable we are excited to shot additional floral fragrant from Mainstays. It come in the very same 11.5 oz glass container as the remainder of the Mainstay candle of the very same size. ProsLovely, floral garden scentBeautiful wax color3-wicks provided off a nice irradiate in the eveningExtremely cost-effectiveConsIf friend don’t favor floral scents, you might dislike this candle’s aroma== inspect Price ~ above Amazon ==

3. Mainstay fragrant Candles, Hazelnut Cream, 20 oz

The Mainstays Hazelnut Cream candle smells together delicious as it sounds. This version comes in a large, 20 oz glass jar and also is the color of coffee and cream. This candle smells the almonds, cinnamon, coconut, and also honey, in addition to a touch the vanilla and also maple syrup. The wealth of the scent included to the warm ambiance that the space. 
I placed this candle top top my tiny kitchen table and lit it as I all set a cup that coffee. As I sat sipping mine drink, my entire experience was enhanced by the delicious aromas the the candle. The huge size expected that I was able to burn the candle for around 120 hours, so ns alternated in between my bedroom and the kitchen – I just couldn’t decide wherein I appreciated it more.ProsAttractive shade that matches anythingThe very delicious aroma that creamy, nutty coffeeCreated a cozy atmosphereEnhanced my morning “me” timeConsI might have chosen the 3-wick alternative rather than the high 1-wick size== check Price on Amazon ==

4. Mainstays Candle Vanilla 20 OZ


Mainstays Candle Vanilla 20 oz
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In my opinion, friend can’t go wrong through a Mainstays Vanilla candle. Vanilla is just one of those scents that calms everything down and also makes me feeling at home, and also that’s just what this candle accomplished. The off-white colored wax and gentle scent operated perfectly in mine cream-toned home office. The vanilla is slightly complex, through notes of buttercream, white cocoa, and a touch that anise, which created a beloved fragrance in mine space. This vanilla candle come in a 20 oz glass jar with one noodle wick. The candle burned easily and also I had the ability to gain around 115 hrs of burn time indigenous this option. I truly feeling that i was sit in a bakery, waiting on sugar cookie to come the end of the oven when I lit this candle. I specifically liked the I might peel turn off the label so the it fit into my minimalist office decor. ProsClean, off-white vanilla colorCreated a baker-scented atmosphere Worked with my minimalist designGreat price for such a large candleConsVanilla can come to be boring, so ns did take it breaks and burn a an ext “exciting” scent== inspect Price ~ above Amazon ==

5. Mainstays Mulled Cider, 20 Oz

Mainstays Mulled Cider candle has to be one of my an individual top fragrant of any kind of candle I’ve ever before used. It is important a Fall-centered experienced and also features a rich mix of aromas that ns can’t wait to smell every September. This candle comes in a 20 Oz glass jar filled with amber-colored wax. 
The wax is scented through notes of gold apple, clove buds, orange, spicey cinnamon – that literally smells favor Fall. I buy this candle annually when the season comes around and also I store a steady supply that this odor in both candle and also wax melt form. The personally provides me feel warm, cozy as the days obtain colder and the leaves begin to fall. ProsRich “Fall” scent110-120 hour burn timeCreates a warm, warm atmosphereEasy to lightAmber shade fits perfectly through an fall color-schemeConsThe wick necessary trimming to save a clean burn== check Price ~ above Amazon ==

6. Mainstays 11.5oz fragrant Candle, warmth Apple Pie 4-Pack

Mainstays heat Apple Pie candle come in one 11.5 oz glass jar and holds three cotton wicks in that is center. The candy red apple shade of the wax hints at the burst of to apologize fragrance that you receive when you take turn off the candle’s outer covering. This candle’s scent boasts a lively combination of cranberry, apple, and pear, combined with clove, nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon, and vanilla. It important smells like a delicious home-baked apple pie straight from the oven. I particularly like to include this candle come my loss rotation, together the color and smells right perfectly through my orange, red, and gold fall decor. To me, there’s just something comforting about the smell of to apologize pie, therefore this candle is a favorite in my home. This one burns for about 80 hrs total, so depending upon how frequently you light it and also how long you let that burn, it can last a couple of days to a couple of weeks. ProsRealistic apple pie scentFits nicely with loss aromas and also aestheticsGood price-point and burn timeIt Burns cleanly and also has a nice scent throwConsIt has actually a really rich scent, if you space sensitive to strong smells, you may opt for a odor with less spice== check Price on Amazon ==

Additional client Reviews

Whenever i’m investigating a candle product, I like to take it stock the what other customers have to say about them. Below are some of the main things that customers liked and disliked about Mainstays candles. 

What’s good About Mainstays

Price – customers loved the affordable pricesScents – customers believed the candles were richly scented and there was a nice varietyColors – a wide variety of candle colour that match with any kind of style schemeProduct sport – Mainstays usage the exact same fragrances in various other products. Client appreciated that they could buy a candle and additional products in a odor they loveConsistent – the candle have continual quality, appearance, and aroma. Customers know what come expect. 

Things to Look out For

The only real customer complaint I uncovered was pertained to fire safety dangers experienced by a couple of customers. Back the vast majority reported that their candles operated wonderfully and also never presented problems, there have been a couple of reports the the glass breaking on some candles. Mainstays prints detailed instructions top top the bottom of their candles the tell customers just how to safely operate the candle, for this reason as lengthy as you read and also follow this directions you are not most likely to experience problems. I have actually personally offered these candles because that over 5 years and also none the the candles has actually caused me an unfavorable issues in mine home. 

Final Opinion ~ above Mainstays Candles

My final opinion that Mainstay’s candle selection is as whole positive. I’m a an easy lady that likes a candle that lasts, smells amazing and doesn’t price me my entire paycheck. Mainstays is not the most luxurious brand ~ above the market, no one is it the many eco-conscious in regards to ingredients, but what i like around the candles is that ns can easily grab numerous scents because that a reasonable price and also use them in the evenings to relax and unwind. I constantly enjoy the strong scents that these candles placed off, and also in every one of my years utilizing this brand, I’ve never experienced a fire danger or burn problem. I think Mainstays are great candles because that those that you who love candles and are trying to find a good price and an excellent scent variety. 
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