This week"s peak 10 contenders are around to provide you a serious instance of eyelash envy. (And we don"t favor to pick favourites, yet you"ve obtained to examine out the lashes on the secretary bird!)

Ground hornbill (Image: Debbie Aird, Flickr)


No volumising mascara needed here! that course, keep in psychic that due to the fact that birds don"t have hair, these amazing "eyelashes" space actually amendment feathers.

Long necks, long lashes … everything around giraffes is OTT. The eyelashes are also an excellent at keeping pesky ants the end of the giraffes" eyes and sensing the thorn on their favourite acacia trees.

They can not be fairly as superior as the hornbill"s, yet these lashes worthy a clues on the perform just because they encircle the best eyeballs of any type of land animal.


So voluminous room these camel eyelashes the there"s lot of of room for a couple of winged eyelash hitchhikers (look closely).

Yes, we"re stretching the definition of eyelashes ever so slightly through these last two spots on the perform – every in the surname of range and inclusiveness.

Eyelash viper (Image: mockery More, Flickr)

This brightly coloured viper (Bothriechis schlegelii) it s okay its usual name native the distinctive modified scales over its eyes, which are thought to assist with camouflage.
The fan-like antennae the the feathered horn beetle (Rhipicera femorata) look like some fabulously flamboyant eyelashes.

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