It have the right to be exceptionally frustrating come buy an high-quality appliance and also have it rest on you before you even get her money’s worth the end of it. Unfortunately, this happens every the time, with every little thing from refrigerators to televisions to coffeemakers.

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When she watching TV and suddenly her Westinghouse TV loses its picture or sound, it have the right to be both frustrating and disconcerting. Maybe you rotate the TV on and the screen was black, or maybe there was just snow everywhere it, yet either way, you knew that something had actually gone wrong, and you weren’t totally sure what come do around it. Remainder assured the your worry isn’t necessarily an expensive one, though, so nothing worry!

In today’s article, I’m going to display you just how to solve your Westinghouse TV no snapshot and no sound problem. If you have actually a black color screen, I’m walking to display you a couple of easy methods that may fix your problem and also get you earlier up and running again.

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Steps to fix Westinghouse TV has actually No Picture

Steps to settle Westinghouse TV has actually No Picture

A Westinghouse TV v no snapshot can be caused by lot of issues, and also there’s no systems that functions for every Westinghouse TV.

To resolve a Westinghouse TV that has no picture, first confirm even if it is you even have strength to the TV. Unplug the TV, wait around 30 seconds, climate plug it ago in and see if the red irradiate on the prior of the collection illuminates. If that doesn’t work, shot plugging that into an additional power outlet and also remove batteries from remote. If the difficulty remains, shot resetting your TV. That will certainly fix her problem.

Why is my Westinghouse tv Won’t turn on?

I’ll go over all of the possible solutions in additional depth below, consisting of which settings you’ll need to readjust in order to resolve your TV. Basic troubleshooting because that each concern is also listed here, which may save friend time. Keep reading….

1. Eliminate Batteries


As a critical option, check every one of the cables that space plugged into your television, including the power and also HDMI cords. Make sure that they are plugged in properly since sometimes few of them may get a tiny bit loose, not offering your TV the proper connection the it demands to strength on. If that doesn’t work, then you might have to contact with Westinghouse Customer treatment or purchase a brand-new TV.

How have the right to you phone call if the power cord or HDMI port is damaged?

The simplest means to call if the an problem with your HDMI cord or harbor is by using another device, prefer a laptop or computer. If girlfriend have accessibility to an additional HDMI cable and also monitor, plug that in and also see if it works. In part cases, yes nothing wrong through your television at all—it may be the you need an adapter because that a an equipment like her laptop or computer.

What does it mean when your TV transforms on however the screen is black?

This could indicate that the cable box, satellite Box, coax cable, or HDMI cable isn’t performing properly, that something is loose, or the it requirements to be reset. -Reset every components, consisting of the TV, by unplugging them because that 5 minutes. -Make sure all COAX and also HDMI cables room secure and also linked properly.

Westinghouse tv no picture just lines

This is a major problem because that which no repair can be performed; instead, the plank (Tcon) should be replaced.These colored vertical lines, which operation from peak to bottom throughout the screen, room a authorize of a faulty Tcon board. Westinghouse go not sell this board individually due to the fact that it is component of the LCD dashboard system.

Trying to replace this LCD display would be very expensive, as the panel costs between $600 and also $800. If you take this item to a shop for repair, expect to pay in between $250 and also $280 for the fix if castle can find the Tcon board, as a Tcon plank costs roughly $100-$120 and labor costs approximately $150.

Sometimes it’s better to just buy a brand-new TV than obtain one repaired since of how much TVs have actually come down in price in the past couple of years. If friend wan’t to buy a brand-new Westinghouse TV, then buy the from this Link.

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I hope guys, you found this write-up helpful. If you have any kind of further question, feel totally free to comment here. Stay happy and stay well. Check out you in another article.