for years while functioning as one actress and also model in Hollywood, Megan Fox's arsenal of tattoos has constantly been a object of conversation. Megan has a variety of tattoos, some visible and some no visible. Megan has been quoted passionately describing she love of tattoos, and considers them an arts form. “Calligraphy tattoo is a form of art and also it’s among the oldest forms of art. I find them beautiful for this reason I'm going to save doing it,” she has said. In the late 2000s in ~ the elevation of she Transformers career, Megan would get backlash for she visible body ink, and to the she said, "If I ever lose a function because of my tattoos, I'll stop Hollywood and go to work at Costco."

Megan has actually an assortment of quotes designed in breakable calligraphy, and symbols and also passages native literature. Spirituality is really important to Megan, and most of her tattoos have a story behind them. From Chinese symbols, to estimates from philosophers, to lovers' names, here's what the star has actually inked on her body.

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One that Megan’s many recognizable tattoos is located on her earlier left shoulder. Megan has inked “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies” in victorian Gothic font. This tattoo is a hybrid quote by both Megan and also William Shakespeare. The precise line from King Lear is “and laugh/ in ~ gilded butterflies.” This tattoo have the right to be taken in a few ways. Gilded (another word for gold) butterflies implies a butterfly that can't fly however is quiet beautiful together it is adorned in gold. It likewise refers to an item that watch beautiful and rich, however on the inside isn’t what that portrays chin to be. On the inside it is flawed and also damaged. This tattoo conveys the idea of a beautiful object being caged and or punished.

The within of Megan’s left wrist has the yin and also yang price in thick black color design. This ancient Chinese symbol expresses 2 complementary pressures that balance life. Yin symbolizes Earth, femininity, and darkness if yang symbolizes masculinity, lightness, and also heaven. The yin and yang viewpoint is an alleged to express two opposing entities the in fact compliment every other.

Megan recently appeared alongside BFF Kourtney Kardashian because that a SKIMS advertisement project that totally displayed her Nietzsche tattoo. The tattoo is a quote native the German philosopher/poet/composer/cultural critic. "And those who were watched dancing were assumed to it is in insane by those who could not hear the music,” is situated on she lower back and rib in black color italic letters. This tattoo probably holds more significance currently that she’s dating her rocker beau machine Gun Kelly.

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One that Megan’s more quickly tattoos was a portrait the Marilyn Monroe, i m sorry was located on the within of her best arm. Megan got the tattoo when she was 18 years old because she idolized Marilyn. However, shortly after 2011 she had this tattoo removed. Marie Claire reported the Megan called Italian magazine Amica the factor for the removal: "I’m removed it. She was a negative person, she was disturbed, bipolar. I carry out not desire to tempt this type of negative energy in mine life."

Another Nietzsche quote is inked ~ above Megan's left ribcage. This tattoo is from a city that reads, “There once was a tiny girl who never ever knew love until a boy damaged her HEART.” Megan was inspired by her partnership with co-star Mickey Rourke as soon as she gained this certain tattoo. The 2 starred in Passion pat together in 2011. Megan spoke to MTV News about her relationship with Mickey Rourke, and an ext about this tattoo's significance. Fox claimed at the Toronto international Film Festival, where she was promoting Passion Play. "Even though I remained in love v Brian , the turned into that ns was privately in love with Mickey Rourke and got a tattoo to release the angst. I have actually a tattoo that is a Nietzsche quote that type of basically is around marching come the win of your own drummer and not being afraid to carry out that. Ns was saying that it reminds me of Mickey, the course, since he plainly is no marching to anyone else's drummer, drumbeat, and that's all. It's no necessarily an homage to him.”

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The 2020 American Music Awards was among the first red carpert apperances because that MegAn and MGK. Megan showed off a brand-new tattoo located on she front collarbone. The tattoo “el pistolero” means “gunfighter" in Spanish.

Before date MGK, Megan to be infamously connected to 90210 actor Brian Austin eco-friendly for over a decade. Megan and also Brian officially began dating in 2004, and were one on-again off-again couple until 2020. Megan and Brian also share three kids together. Megan clearly is a woman who loves tattoos, and also it seems appropriate she would certainly pay tribute to Brian in some way. Photos indigenous The everyday Mail show Brian’s surname on her pelvic hip. It's uncertain if she has plans to eliminate or store this tattoo now that they room officially divorced.

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One that Megan's earliest tattoos, and her only tattoo that supplies colors, is a style of a crescent moon and star top top the inside of her ideal ankle. Megan has been open about her enthusiasm for astrology, therefore this tattoo pays tribute to universal spirits and also energies.

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