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Betweenthe wave nouveauand the wave by style dry curl perm, i beg your pardon onegives a better finish or which one is healthier? i once had actually a wave nouveau and a recreation curl however then ns got tired of the curls and also eventually tranquil my hair. The relaxer has actually grown out, so my hair is herbal now. I want to acquire a curly perm however I to be pretty confused around whether to use the tide nouveau or tide by style or if over there is any type of other curly perm around. Everyone with any knowledge around these products, ur contribution wouldbe deep appreciated. HELP! HELP! HELP!

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In mine opinion, the "Wave by Design" is far better on her hair; there"s simply something much more drying and harsh around the tide Nouveau.
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Thanx, Genuine. Have actually u supplied the wave by design before? I"m wonderin i m sorry of lock looks an ext natural. I dislike the jherri curl look.
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