Okay so freshly I've started watching Naruto, ns completed original series two weeks back and im currently on illustration 8 of Shippuden?

My question is will certainly there be any type of spoilers that Shippuden if ns watch absent Lee now. If there are any kind of spoilers from where I to be in the main story, ns will host off because that a while, but can who tell me as soon as would be the finest time to clock it episode-wise please?


nah over there a no spoilers. I think there might be some personalities you not know, (I'm not certain though, probably not) but for the remainder theres no spoiler at all

The real concern is, why would you watch rock Lee and also his Ninja Pals once you still have tons the Canon activity to watch instead?

Because 'Rock Lee and also his Ninja Pals' freaking rules. Ns seriously look more forward to the rock Lee episodes 보다 the real episodes.

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Why perform I desire to watch it? My factor is reasonably simple, many civilization tell me the Naruto Shippuden over time begins to lose its comedy aspect and also becomes pure seriousness. (Sort of prefer bleach ns guess) because of this i watched the first episode of absent Lee and also I couldn't avoid laughing. This was more than likely my favourite part of the first episode

I to be still city hall Shippuden I simply wanted to understand what episode of Shippuden i should gain to because that the rock Lee collection to make sense to me.

EDIT Accidentally stated not watching Shippuden anymore. Solved it.

Omg i never ever heard of this show. Im new to the naruto collection i ultimately just captured up to all the shippuden eps. Watched the an initial episode appropriate now. It really is hilarious. Say thanks to you!!

For everyone on the fence, and also OP. I'm a pan of Naruto and have been analysis the manga for an ext than 9 years now pretty lot weekly.

Rock Lee and His Nina Pals is an awesome series. I don't uncover the Naruto anime precious watching after reading the manga, so I just watch the big fights episodes when they come out. But the rock Lee collection is amazing. Comedy is constantly spot on. Every kinds of meta-humor, parodies, overcome anime references. They also give fist to the daily life that character ns feel Kishi has actually forgotten about for a long time. It's hilarious. Provide it a try.

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There room no spoilers. It's really an individual opinion some people hate some human being like it ns personally think its hilarious despite there yes, really isn't a plot yet it's a an excellent break native Shippuden's serious elements :)


Everything concerned the Naruto and Boruto collection goes here. Although you could additionally talk about the topping too.