The Prince of Tennis is back! Echizen Ryoma has actually returned indigenous America after competing in the U.S. Open, simply in time to cheer on his previous Seigaku team members at the nationwide Championship. Having no intentionally of playing in the championships himself, Echizen is challenged by Oishi come a enhance to determine who should contend in the national Championships. Echizen wins the enhance easily and also earns a spot on the Regulars roster simply in time because that the nationwide Championships, where the competition has actually vastly improved. Will certainly the Prince end up being Seigaku"s column of support and also lead them to victory at the nationwide Championships?

After Keigo Atobe and also Hyotei Academy’s world Cup-winning performance, the players have returned home. However when Atobe and also corps construct a brand-new tennis court because that Hyotei, Yukimura and also the rest of the Rikkai team room nominated to face them because that the very very first time!

The brand-new anime will certainly depict formerly untold story in the 3 months in between the story of the very first Prince of Tennis and sequel, The brand-new Prince that Tennis.It will certainly cover story product that was not in one of two people manga series.

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TagsShounenSportsTennisThe Prince of Tennis Movie 2: Eikoku-shiki Teikyuu Shiro Kessen!Movie (1 ep)Production I.G2011

Seigaku and a familiar an option of Japan"s other top junior tennis teams gather in Wimbledon, London, because that a tennis tournament. During tennis practice, the Japanese players are suddenly attacked by a violent "street tennis" group that calls themselves "Clack". One encounter v a previous Clack member named Siu leader Ryoma and his friends into a fight with Clack to challenge its leader, Keith, and also discover his reasons for having actually such a violent method to tennis.

TagsShounenSportsTennisThe Prince the Tennis Movie 1: 2 Samurai - The very first GameMovie (1 ep)Production I.G2005

The Seigaku Tennis team has actually been invited to take a cruise board a deluxe liner in exchange for playing a few exhibition matches. Onboard, the players begin to notice that the ship isn’t all the it’s cracked approximately be. When the team finds out that they room expected to shed their matches intentionally so the the owner of the ship have the right to make money turn off of the gambling that"s going on behind the scenes, castle realize the there"s no such thing as a free lunch. Will certainly the players submit to the request of the owner or will certainly he have to use force to ensure that they shed as planned?

Hyotei Gakuen"s ridiculously rich and outrageous captain, Atobe Keigo, has actually organized a special occasion for the work - the very first tennis carnival; every one of the local Junior High tennis teams, from St. Rudolph to Rikkaidai, have actually been invited. Hosted in a cool arena finish with haunted houses, range acts, and sporting contests, from football to ping pong and food stands, this lavish carnival guarantees to be complete of fun. But the main event of the day is an problem competition between the schools; and also with your pride, and also a set of high-class tennis devices on the line, no one wants to lose. As soon as it"s neck and also neck to the finish line, who will win, and also just what is Atobe’s true motive for organizing this job of events?

TagsComedyShounenSportsTennisThe Prince the Tennis: A work on survival MountainDVD special (1 ep)Production I.G2002

The Seigaku tennis society regulars have actually taken a day off from your normal regimen for special problem training at a tennis will at the peak of a mountain. However this schedule of special training is rumored to it is in so terrifying that those that participated in the previous year didn’t speak for whole week; and it’s not tough to see why. As if playing on a sloped court v a ban on water bottles isn’t tough enough, things come to be more complex when a university tennis club arrive a day early on for your booking and also commandeer the courts. Now, through the other team refusing to offer up the courts and also the constant threat of Inui’s unique juice looming over your heads, this promises to it is in one long day because that the Seigaku regulars.

Gut"sVol: 17; Ch: 67Monthly Shounen Magazine1998 - 2003

Maguma is obsessed through baseball; in fact, his dream is come hit all the strong fastballs top top earth. However, Maguma isn’t a great team player and also doesn’t actually have any interest in involvement the baseball team! Now, Meguma no much longer gets a thrill that hitting a baseball in ~ 140 KPH, for this reason he decides to take up tennis, where balls have the right to fly over 160 KPH! will Meguma be able to handle this brand-new speed, and also will he be able to conquer together a various game?

TagsShounenSportsMiagete GoranVol: 8; Ch: 77Weekly Shounen Sunday2005 - 2006

The tennis club of Seiryo High School, whose call is widely known nationwide, is the stage for Ryo Yuzawa, who is one amateur tennis player but very positive about playing tennis. The writer of "Fantasista" depicts a full-scale tennis story!!

TagsShounenSportsBreak BackVol: 10+; Ch: 39+Monthly Shounen Champion2017 - ?

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Okita Tsurugi is a 3rd grader who"s dad passed away as soon as he to be young. He resides with his mother. His father to be a famous tennis player. Tsurugi yearns to play tennis too and also joins a tennis club, where he meets a girl, Sanada, who"s a tennis prodigy.

TagsShounenSportsAge!Vol: 4Monthly Shounen Magazine1996 - 1998

Takano Eiji, a tennis player is can not to loss Saki at the finals that the local championships the previous year. His problem? that doesn"t know how to hit any kind of spin and grows exceptionally violent when he loser a match.

TagsComedyShounenSportsKami-sama wa Racket wo FuranaiVol: 2; Ch: 11Bessatsu Shounen Magazine2020 - 2021

A tennis ace aiming to be the first japanese grand slam winner needs to stop tennis as result of an accident. Climate he meets a girl...

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