it was made right into the early 50"s. Only a serial number examine withStevens could establish the year that manufacture.

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their is no # because it was made before 1968 so that will nothelp

Not certain I agree around no serial Number until 1968. I have aModel 30 that has actually a serial number beginning with the letter U. Frommy research around the firearm is a Stevens design 520. My fathertold me he bought the in the 1950"s.

I have actually this version that belonged to my Dad the I believed hepurchased in either the so late 40"s or beforehand 50"s

GunsAmerica has this version on there that they room listing for$299.00. From what I have been may be to gather this gun is a Stevensmodel 620 or M20.

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This gun has a Browning Patent, in which case it might be listedby some seller website under the Browning heading. Depending onthe condition of the gun, it might have a worth of $500.00 to$600.00.

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