attentive, avid, careful, caring, concerned, devoted, eager, earnest, heedful, regardful, zealous, arrange, assist, attend to, it is in of assistance, it is in of use, care for, carry out for, give, handle, minister to, nurse, oblige, provide, provision, collection out, succor, wait on, work for

Idiom scenario 1

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Two colleagues space talking ...

Colleague 1: You understand that interns space not your an individual servants, right?

Colleague 2: lock will perform anything to knife a position with the company.

Colleague 1: That may be so however having lock fetch her coffee and food, shine your shoes and hover approximately your desk waiting to offer you in any way possible is not very professional.

Colleague 2: The interns don't seem come mind waiting top top me hand and foot.

Idiom script 2

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Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: exactly how was your vacation? i heard you visited a five-star resort for a week.

Friend 2: It was absolutely amazing. I did not need to lift a finger for the entire week. All my demands were taken treatment of. The staff even put toothpaste on mine toothbrush because that me.

Friend 1: i am not sure I would certainly be comfortable having all those people paying so much attention come me.

Friend 2: that did call for some adjustment in ~ first, yet being spoiled and also being waited on hand and also foot prefer that was very relaxing when I gained used to it.

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to wait on hand and foot - In the News

to wait ~ above hand and also foot - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index: 85

to wait on hand and also foot - Gerund Form:

Waiting on united state hand and foot, the business staff in ~ the five-star resort hotel were marvelously caring and attentive.

to wait ~ above hand and also foot - Examples:

1) ... If the wealthy capitalists rode in refined carriages, waited ~ above hand and foot by a employee of butlers, maids and also cooks.

2) ... Spoiled kids of a affluent family. In India we were waited on hand and foot, and also never believed that life would certainly be any kind of different.

3) ... Could palace hop in style and live the life of gift waited ~ above hand and foot. Simply imagine no food preparation or cleaning for a week!

4) ... Recognize that celebrities space simply tired after lengthy days of being waited top top hand and foot and fully fawned over by anyone in the entire universe.

5) ... Or do they desire to be watching it, waited ~ above hand and foot, native the top of among the world's many exclusive yachts?

6) ... They space not gold-encrusted small Princes and Princesses who will be waited on hand and foot by everyone from their servant parental to their teachers, to culture in general.

7) ... There space some elderly world who prefer to it is in waited ~ above hand and foot and feel they have actually earned the best to be, i m sorry is fine because that them ...

8) If you've ever before dreamed of gift waited top top hand and foot, butlers are coming to be increasingly well-known on cruise lines, an especially on pearl which have actually ...

9) I'm gift waited top top hand and foot and chauffeured around.

10) Other groups were waited ~ above hand and foot while I had to actually chase under a waiter for more tea.

11) ... Duped everyone right into bringing him house from the hospital to be waited ~ above hand and foot for heaven knows how long.

12) Time for relaxing top top cushioned cane chairs, waited on hand and foot through the discreet butler.

13) ... Is chauffeured roughly town in his luxury vehicles, is waited ~ above hand and foot by footmen and semi-skilled wannabe butlers.

14) They are hugely overpaid, by neighborhood standard, are waited ~ above hand and foot by the locals, and even worshipped by them.

15) She is treated favor a princess, waited top top hand and foot, and given just the choicest foods.

16) ... This resort other than that you need to stay here and literally it is in waited ~ above hand and foot and be treated like royalty.

17) and also she's stubborn together hell. She expects to be waited top top hand and foot. My parental say "like owner, favor dog."

18) What one eye opener that was. I just wanted to waited top top hand and foot and have the whole civilization revolve approximately me.

19) ... Ladies that don't think the is their duty in life come wait hand and foot ~ above men. If every mrs was brought up to it is in strong, independent and also ...

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20) ... Girls lugged up as quasi-domestic servants by richer relatives, obliged come wait hand and foot on more privileged cousins.