As one owner the a Honda Pilot, you’ll have actually to obtain used to different lights showing up on her dashboards. This lights are often an indication the your car may need some checks and also fixes. Among such lights is the variable Torque management System Light, additionally known together VTM-4 Light.

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Knowing just how to diagnose the factor for the VTM-4 light coming on and clearing the error code(s) could save you a lot of money.

This guide will teach you all you should know about VTM-4 Light and how that works. You’ll additionally learn around the common problems that revolve the lamp on and also how you can diagnose them. If she a DIY enthusiast, you’ll see how to clear the error codes and reset the VTM-4 light easily.


3 just how To Reset The VTM-4 Light?

What Is VTM-4 Light?

The VTM-4 controls the torque come the rear wheels of her Honda Pilot SUV once you need additional traction. It sends engine torque to the appropriate drive axle together needed. So once the light shows up, your auto might have some difficulties that need checking. It can be an concern with a loosened gasket or just that the engine needs much more oil.

Under typical conditions, the VTM-4 light is one indication that your Honda Pilot is in traction manage mode. But if she driving and the light pops increase while driving, the engine could be enduring some issues.

Those worries are make the VTM-4 believe the SUV is in car control mode when it’s not. Often, this is a an outcome of an engine misfire or her engine losing power.

Why walk The VTM-4 irradiate Come On?

If the 4WD system of your Honda Pilot is functioning correctly, the VTM-4 indicator have the right to come top top under certain conditions. Castle include:

A short battery voltage that your vehicle below 10 voltInstallation that a high-powered wireless tool choose a Ham radio in your SUVThe constant spinning that the behind wheels the the SUV when stuck in mud, sand, or others

There are several problems Honda Pilot users face that sparks the VTM-4 Light. It could be other as simple as a weak gas cap. A misfire in 2 cylinders can additionally lead come a cascading fault that transforms the VTM-4 light on.

Malfunctioning of the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve is one more common cause. Instead of the EGR valve will frequently solve the problem.

If your idle speed control valve malfunctions, the can likewise trigger the VTM-4 Light.

Note: When friend restart the engine, the VTM-Light go off. However, that comes ago 10 minute after you proceed driving.

Is The VTM-4 light Dangerous?

It is for sure to save driving your vehicle when the VTM-4 Light come on. Yet when the light starts come blink, the safest thing to perform is traction over. Then you can give a call to your mechanic for a diagnosis of the problem.

Usually, if the vehicle drives fine and doesn’t misfire, you have the right to keep driving.

How come Reset The VTM-4 Light?

So, exactly how do you reset the VTM-4 light? The only method is come diagnose trouble codes, clean the VTM-4 control unit memory, and also initialize the VTM-4 control unit. Here’s a substantial guide ~ above the whole process:

Diagnose trouble Codes

There room two major ways you can tell what’s wrong with your vehicle. Girlfriend either usage the Diagnose trouble Codes (DTC) attribute on the VTM-4 regulate unit come detect the problem or depend on the system’s self-diagnosis:

Diagnose problem Codes (DTC)

The VTM-4 regulate unit stores up to eight DTCs and flicker the problem codes using the VTM-4 indicator top top the dashboard. These problem codes are displayed chronologically, permitting you to know the most recent one.

Every trouble code is save on computer in non-volatile memory. So, even after girlfriend disconnect the auto battery or the VTM-4 unit itself, the DTCs will not be wiped off. They will certainly be deleted if the VTM-4 unit or the CPU is faulty.

If you have the Honda Diagnostic system (HDS) or a PGM-FI, girlfriend can conveniently read turn off the codes and also refer to the DTC Troubleshooting chart to know where the difficulty lies.

Codes above ten have actually long blinks denote the an initial digit & quick blinks denote the 2nd digit.

Otherwise, you’ll have to attach the organization Check Signal (SCS) circuit to the human body ground via the HDS. This is a step-by-step guide on exactly how to go about that:

Park the automobile on a level ground surface.Switch turn off the car engine and also then release the parking brake pedalConnect the organization Check Signal (SCS) circuit to the body ground via the HDSTurn on the ignition vital and fixate on the VTM-4 indicator lightRecord the DTCsRefer to the DTC Troubleshooting chart to read the codesSelf-Diagnosis

The VTM-4 manage Unit can also detect abnormality itself. As soon as that happens, the system:

Turns top top the VTM-4 indicator light and records the DTCsThen that puts the car in 2WD ~ halting the 4WDTo fit the driving problems resulting native the issue in the car, the system then to reduce the engine torque

Clear The VTM-4 regulate Unit Memory

When the trouble codes have actually been detected, the following step is to clean the VTM-4 control unit memory. You have the right to clear the problem codes by making use of the HDS technique or clearing manually via the SCS method.

The HDS MethodLock the ignition switchConnect the HDS to the Data connect Connector (DLC), which girlfriend can find behind your dashboard lower coverTurn on ignition and also ensure the HDS syncs through the VTM-4 manage unit and the vehiclePrompts on just how to clean the DTCs should show up on the HDS screenThe SCS Method

Alternatively, you deserve to clear the error password manually via the SCS method. Follow this procedure:

Park her Honda Pilot top top level grand and turn the ignition off.Release the parking brake pedal.Connect the SCS to the human body ground using the HDS.Turn the crucial to ON, and the VTM-4 indicator light must come on.When the happens, press and also hold the VTM-4 lock button.The VTM-4 indicator will certainly go off after 4 seconds and then let walk of the button.The VTM-4 indicator light will certainly come ago on; climate press and hold the lock switch.Release the lock button when the irradiate goes off after 4 seconds.If the VTM-4 indicator irradiate blinks double in rapid succession, it means the DTCs have efficiently been cleared.Otherwise, you’ll have to repeat the procedure to clear the error codes.

Initialize The VTM-4 regulate Unit

After instead of the VTM-4 regulate module, that compulsory to initialize the control unit to ensure the 4WD mechanism works. There space two methods for act that: HDS an approach and manual Initialization.

HDS MethodConnect the HDS come the DLCSwitch ~ above the ignition and also ensure there’s a communication between the VTM-4 manage unit and the HDS; otherwise, troubleshoot the DLC systemThe HDS will display prompts, which you must followManual InitializationStart the auto engine and collection the infection at hands-on lowPush the VTM-4 switch to set the 4WD mechanism in lock mode; the VTM-4 indicator and the VTM-4 LED ~ above the button will come onLock the ignition switch and then rotate it onThe VTM-4 indicator and the VTM-4 indicator will light for 4 seconds and turn off

You’ve perfect the initialization.

How To finish A Troubleshooting Session

After every troubleshooting, it’s crucial to end the session properly. You can take the adhering to steps to end a troubleshooting session:

Clear all DTCs from the VTM-4 systemLock the ignition switchDisconnect the HDS indigenous the DLCCheck that the trouble has to be solved; you can test-drive in 4WD mode

How To keep Your auto To stop VTM-4 irradiate Coming on In The Future?

To avoid the VTM-4 light from comes on in the future, you need to employ:

Normal conditions MaintenanceSevere problems Schedule
Many customers loss within the serious maintenance category, which contains these driving conditions

You can find these maintenance schedules in your auto manual. However, over there are crucial maintenance advice that need to be appropriate in her fingers. Keeping certain parts of your automobile in shape will store the VTM-4 irradiate in check.

The behind axle on Hondas needs a special type of fluid referred to as the VTM-4 Differential Oil. Girlfriend shouldn’t use anything else. Girlfriend must change the oil periodically come prevent failure and wear the end of your vehicle rear axle more quickly. The encourage interval is after ~ every 60,000 miles.

A error Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) device can also trigger the VTM-4 light in your Honda Pilot. So, regular cleaning of the EGR valve is essential to keep your car running because that a lengthy time. Friend can additionally consider instead of the valve when necessary.

Regular check of the gas or fuel cap is a regimen procedure you shouldn’t miss. Friend can consider replacing the gas cap as soon as it i do not care weak.


Do you need to change the VTM-4 differential fluid?

We recommend the you adjust the VTM-4 differential oil every 60,000 miles.

Why walk the VTM-4 light turn on, yet the inspect Engine Light transforms off?

This happens as a self-preservation apparatus. If the examine Engine Light comes on when the VTM-4 Light turns on, the can influence the latter.

Can I turn it off permanently?

You can permanently revolve off the VTM-4 light after you resolve the problem, bring about the irradiate to come on. After diagnosing the error codes, you deserve to use either the HDS or SCS technique to clear them and also permanently disable the VTM-4 Light.

Can i follow the SCS method when diagnosing and also clearing instead?

You have the right to use the SCS an approach to diagnose and clear error codes in your VTM-4 regulate unit. However, us recommend the you usage the HDS through the proper software linked to the DLC.

Is spark plugs an altering needed to turn off the VTM-4 light?

If the spark plug for any type of of the cylinders is scorched out, the cylinder could misfire. The an outcome of that is the VTM-4 light coming on. You can fix the by changing the spark plug.

What go the VTM-4 light average when the solid, blinking, or flashing?

A solid VTM-4 light is one indication of DTCs you must check. When the light starts to blink, it’s an clues of a an ext severe problem, choose the cylinders misfiring.


When the VTM-4 Light come on if driving, yes a trouble somewhere, but following the fixes we’ve questioned should help you diagnose it.

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You deserve to then walk ahead to clear the error codes VTM-4 Unit control Memory using any of the approaches we’ve seen. However, what’s an ext important is maintaining your automobile regularly to protect against the VTM-4 irradiate from showing up in the future.

So once the VTM-4 Light mirrors up, what space you going to do? Visit the mechanic or diagnose and clear the error yourself?