The correct among the choices listed above is alternative B. Uranium-238 undergoes alpha decay. Therefore, uranium-238 will change right into a different element altogether. As the alpha corpuscle emitted, it alters that element"s atom into one more atom.

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Alpha decay: In this process, alpha particles is emitted once a more heavier nuclei decays into lighter nuclei. The alpha fragment released has a charge of +2 units.


Uranium-238 undergoes alpha decay to give:


Thus uranium experience alpha degeneration to offer thorium v atomic number 90 and also is a different aspect altogether.

Which of the adhering to is the ideal explanation why some reactions show up to stop prior to all the reactants room converted to produ

The reversible reaction wake up at the very same rate.

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When a chemical reaction reach the equilibrium state, the forward reaction ( reactants to products) and also the reversible reaction (products to reactants) have actually the very same speed (rate). The concentrations of the products and also reactants in ~ the equilibrium state are continuous but the reaction never ever stops.


Metals are elements that ionized by loss of electrons.

Ionic and molecular compounds room usually non-metals.

Properties the metals:

Metals have complimentary mobile electrons and the metallic bonding guarantee that. They space usually electropositive and freely looses your electrons. No one of the metal is soluble without a chemical adjust occurring. They room ductile and malleable. Metals are good conductor or heat and also electricity in their complimentary uncombined state. They are lustrous.

B. The certain property of steels accountable for your unusual electrical conductivity is due to the presence of free mobile electrons in their lattices.

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Acceptance of the concept by a bulk of scientists
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