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Hi, had actually my vehicle since end of September last year. Today as soon as I began the vehicle I had actually a white warning triangle through a white exclamation mark inside and the number 1 to the left of it. This is reflecting on the entertainment system not the dash. The automobile bleeped, and the triangle & Number 1 disappeared. Everything was typical for the rest of the journey. I have been the end 4 times in my car and it’s occurred every time. I deserve to only uncover references come coloured warning indicators on the dash, but nothing ~ above the to chat system. I controlled to take a picture if the helps. I had actually my iPod plugged right into my car, but I have actually done this every day because buying the car in September and also this is the very first day it has actually happened.

Looks choose you have a check control message stored. To accessibility it 1/ usage the rotating controller to select vehicle information, climate 2/ select vehicle status, then 3/ examine control. The message should be visible.

Mine comes up with this once the temp falls below 3 levels c however as above if you do the controller car status it will certainly tell you!
Looks favor you have a examine control post stored. To access it 1/ usage the rotating controller come select car information, then 2/ select vehicle status, then 3/ inspect control. The message must be visible.
Hi, do the efforts this however it said, “no Errors”, I likewise checked the oil level etc and it said whatever was fine. Ns was out in the automobile today, yet it didn’t come up through the warning triangle. It to be warmer this particular day though, 5.5deg C, formerly it has been, 2.5degrees, zero, or even in the minus figures. Go it screen the warning triangle on the centre screen, and also the dash when the outside temperature is cold? the the first Mini i have had, and I can’t find any kind of reference come it in the manual.

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YES-that"s it ( i am appropriate for a change). Nothing wrong with the automobile at all-temp below 3 degrees you obtain the short-term warning top top the data display infront the you below the revcounter, v the temp and also then that goes off and transfers to the main display as a little triangle with a 1 in in -that"s to say you have actually one warning which girlfriend should have seen already-but it"s to repeat you, it"s cold take car, please don"t corner too fast and also leave a great distance in between you and the next car. An excellent feature and also not one issue, just a safety and security thing-all good! !
YES-that"s the ( i am ideal for a change). Nothing wrong v the auto at all-temp listed below 3 degrees you acquire the short-lived warning top top the data display infront of you listed below the revcounter, with the temp and then it goes off and transfers to the main display together a little triangle v a 1 in in -that"s to say you have one warning which girlfriend should have seen already-but it"s to repeat you, it"s cold take car, you re welcome don"t edge too fast and leave a good distance between you and the following car. Great feature and also not an issue, just a security thing-all good! !
Thankyou. It happened again this morning (zero degrees) and I controlled to obtain to screen before it walk off, and also it did say “outside temperature 0” ? . At least I understand there’s nothing wrong v the car. Mine mini dealer wanted me to book it in to gain fixed! ns didn’t realise Mini can fix ours weather and make that warmer!
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