Trevor Jackson is an American singer, actor, songwriter, and also dancer that was born on august 30, 1996. That is best recognized for play Kevin Blake top top the original series Eureka. He additionally portrayed the personality of Kris McDuffy ~ above 2012 Disney Channel"s television movie Let that Shine and also starred together Kevin LaCroix in American Crime.

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His career doesn’t protect against there as he exhibits much more of his talents by having prominent appearances top top Broadway musical together as play as the young Simba on The Lion King and as tv guest star functions on Cold Case and also Harry"s Law. In 2018, he play a lead duty as the priest the lead in the crime drama movie Superfly.

He showed everyone the he is qualified of anything due to the fact that in 2012, he was endowed the Young Artist award for finest Performance in a TV Series.

Get to recognize Trevor Jackson

Before Fame

In 2010, he had his very first television acting function as a guest star in the episode of Cold case at the period of 14. In 2010 approximately 2012, he play the function of Kevin Blake in periods 4 and 5 the Eureka. In august 2011, he continually starred in an episode of Harry’s legislation as Willie Blue for which he to be bestowed the Young Artist compensation for ideal Performance in a TV Series. Jackson likewise appeared together a guest star ~ above Disney Channel’s television show Austin & Ally.

Music career

In 2012, Jackson began his music job by signing with Atlantic Records and released his very first single "Like us Grown" in February 2013. V a most fans roaring for new music from Jackson, the collaborated v producers Eric Hudson, J.R. Rotem, and also The Underdogs, to kind his EP, #NewThang.

Personal life: wife, kids

Trevor Jackson’s genuine name is Trevor Howard Lawrence Jackson. A most rumors have been spreading about Trevor Jackson’s girlfriend Zendaya being together and he spoke approximately these rumors by telling everyone the both the them are just great friends and also stressed out exactly how he wants to give more attention top top his career together of now.

Trevor and also Zendaya


In in march 2013, showing his assistance to Snoop Dogg’s anti-violence "No guns Allowed" campaign, he additionally released his own cover that Snoop Lion’s solitary "No guns Allowed". Jackson has also shown passionate on charities through volunteering in ~ the Ronald McDonald residence Charities in Chicago critical April 2013.

Moreover, on July 29, 2013, Jackson played a part in the Strike out Cystic Fibrosis’s Bowling Charity Event. Jackson has also cooperated v NBA Cares and The league of Young Voters education and learning Fund. On august 3, 2013, Jackson likewise hosted the Duffy’s hope 11th yearly Teen Youth Empowerment Summit in Dover, Delaware which help in giving the youth with mentoring, health, education and also a lot of more.

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Trevor Jackson Performs at roadway to expect Charity Event

Net worth

Trevor Jackson’s net worth is $2 million.