Analysis the “Top of the food chain” quick story “The thing was, we had a tiny problem v the insects… ” The narrator’s tone in ‘Top the the Food Chain” is quickly shown as self-serving in functioning for his comforts and indifferent come the havoc his choices make ~ above the environment. T. Coraghessan Boyle’s story is much more than simply a narration that selfish person’s mistakes. The narrators tone is a literary element used to construct the template hat people aren’t always on height of the Food Chain.

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From the very very first sentence, the narrator is shown as a self-serving person. In fee of a group bringing health treatment to a third-would village, his options to “improve” the lives of the villagers bring about wreaking the regional food chain? the starts by poisoning the flies, which poison the geckos, which death off the cats, which enable the rats to take Over, and also Start spreading conditions to the humans and also ruin crops.

The narrators condescending tone towards these events is the most crucial factor the T. Coraghessan Boyle supplies to build his theme. The narrator assumes that is in ~ the height of the food chain, and he has no trouble killing turn off the smaller sized species. The narrator is too indifferent to realize that by hurting the lower members the the food chain, he end up hurting himself. The narrator insurance claims that “No one can have foreseen the consequences, no one.

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However, his tone and the scenarios spelled the end in the story imply that he just doesn’t care about anything various other than what he wants. The narrator’s arrogance and also belief the he have the right to do everything he wants without hurting himself reflects his idea that he is top of the Food Chain. The learns the hard means that his selfish actions revolve around and hurt him in the end. T. Coraghessan Boyle provides this ton to illustrate the idea that maybe the food chain isn’t a chain, but a circle.

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