I throw My hands Up In The Air periodically Saying Ayo is a lyric indigenous the 2010 pop song “Dynamite” through singer-songwriter Taio Cruz. Since its relax in might 2010, the chorus heat from the song has spawned the snowclone "I (X) My hands Up in the waiting Sometimes, saying (Y)."


The single “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz to be released on may 30th, 2010, and it managed to reach the #1 clues on the UK Singles Chart and also Canadian hot 100 and #2 top top the us Billboard hot 100<1> by August that year. Rhyming sports of the initial lyric began appearing online as at an early stage as in July 2010 through over 20 versions built up in a Yahoo! answers thread.

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spread out

In September 2010, the an initial video parody of the initial song was posted come YouTube. That month, several dozens of on facebook groups<7> were produced as parodies that the phrase; the most renowned instance "Throw mine Homework in the waiting Sometimes, speak Ayoo, I"ll take it a Zeroo" has more than 41,000 likes.


In October, a thread to be posted top top the Body building Forums<6> title "I litter My ___ In the wait Sometimes, speak Ayooo ____," that garnered 130 responses v rhyming derivatives. End the following several months, this kind of thread appeared on the Seventeen Magazine’s Q&A Forums<9>, Aion Online video game Forum<10>, Bungie.net gaming forum<11> and the My small Pony Forums.

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<12> top top July 21st, 2011, humor website Smosh<13> featured a collection of image macros made special the snowclone. Images and text short articles referencing the song"s lyric proceed to be mutual on Tumblr<2>, deviantArt<3> and also Facebook.<4>

Notable Videos

On YouTube, video parodies the the original song have actually been uploaded since September 2010. Lock often change all the the lyrics to the song, tailoring it come topics such together Donkey Kong, Minecraft, harry Potter and also Pokemon. As of may 2012, there are an ext than 2500 results<14> because that the search term “dynamite taio cruz parody" and 72 much more for "I litter My hand Up in the wait Parody."<15>

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