Bananas ripe and green, and ginger source Cocoa in pods and also alligator pears,And tangerines and also mangoes and grape fruit, Fit for the highest prize in ~ parish fairs,

Sat in the window, bringing memories of fruit-trees laden through low-singing rills,And dewy dawns, and mystical skies In benediction end nun-like hills.

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My eyes grow dim, and also I might no an ext gaze; A wave of longing through my human body swept,And, hungry for the old, familiar ways i turned aside and bowed my head and also wept.


Claude McKay, that was born in Jamaica in 1889, wrote around social and political involves from his perspective together a black guy in the united States, and a range of subjects ranging from his Jamaican homeland come romantic love.

For one brief golden moment rare prefer wine, The gracious city swept throughout the line; Oblivious the the shade of mine skin, forgetting that ns was an extraterrestrial guest, She bent to me, my enemy heart come win, captured me in enthusiasm to her pillowy breast; The great, proud city, seized through a weird love, Bowed under for one flame hour my pride to prove.

Too green the springing April grass, also blue the silver-speckled sky, because that me to linger here, alas, when happy winds go laughing by, Wasting the gold hours indoors, Washing windows and also scrubbing floors. As well wonderful the April night, too faintly sweet the an initial May flowers, The stars also gloriously bright, for me to invest the night hours, When areas are fresh and also streams are leaping, Wearied, exhausted, dully sleeping.

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I throughout the afternoon ns watched castle there, Snow-fairies falling, falling from the sky, Whirling terrific in the misty air, completing fierce for space supremacy. And also they flew down a mightier pressure at night, together though in sky there was revolt and also riot, and they, frashill things had actually taken panic trip Down come the calm planet seeking peace and also quiet. I checked out bed and rose at beforehand dawn To check out them huddled together in a heap, Each an unified into the various other upon the lawn, Worn the end by the sharp struggle, fast asleep. The sun shone brightly ~ above them fifty percent the day, by night they stealthily had stol\"n away. II and also suddenly my thoughts climate turned to you Who came to me upon a winter\"s night, when snow-sprites ring my attic window flew, your hair disheveled, eyes aglow v light. My heart was choose the weather once you came, The wanton winds to be blowing loud and also long; but you, through joy and also passion every aflame, you danced and sang a lilting summer song. I made room for you in my little bed, take it covers indigenous the closet fresh and warm, A downful pillow for her scented head, and also lay down with you relaxing in mine arm. You went v Dawn. Girlfriend left me ere the day, The lonely actor of a dreamy play.