Now the we’ve learned how to solve word problems involving the amount of continuous integers, let’s narrow it down and also this time, focus on word difficulties that just involve detect the sum of consecutive even integers.

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But prior to we start delving right into word problems, it’s crucial that we have a an excellent understanding that what even integers, as well as consecutive also integers, are.

Even Integers

We understand that even numbers space integers that deserve to be split exactly or same by 2. Thus, the general type of the also integer n, is n = 2k, whereby k is likewise an integer.


In various other words, because even numbers room the multiples of 2, we can represent an also integer n by 2k, where k is likewise an integer. So if we have actually the also integers 10 and also 16, we deserve to rewrite them together

n = 2k, o ,,10 = 2left( 5 ight),

n = 2k, o ,,16 = 2left( 8 ight),

Consecutive also Integers

The best means to illustrate what consecutive also integers space through the usage of examples. Watch that any type of pair of two consecutive even integers room 2 systems apart. In various other words, if girlfriend pick any even essence in the collection of consecutive also integers climate subtract that by the ahead one, you will always get the distinction of old+2 or just old2, composed without the old+ symbol.

Let’s look at at part examples:




Since the common difference of any two nearby even integers is always positive, it says that consecutive even integers is a sequence of numbers the is ALWAYS increasing.

It’s also good practice come be acquainted with the actions of consecutive also integers before starting to deal with word problems. Let’s carry out that by comment a straightforward warm-up problem.


Question: A collection contains 5 consecutive also integers. The least also integer in the collection has a value of 14. Write all the facets of the set.


It is given that the set has 5 consecutive even integers and also 14 is the smallest. Due to the fact that 14 has the least value, it must be the very first element that the set of consecutive also integers.To go from 14 come the next, we simply add 2 to it. Thus, colorblue14 + 2 = 16 is the 2nd consecutive integer. To obtain the third integer, we just need to include 2 again. The is, colorblue16 + 2 = 18.We proceed this procedure until we have the five consecutive even integers as mentioned in the problem.We deserve to write the finish solution in collection notation form:

Now it’s time to write the first five consecutive even integers utilizing algebraic state or expressions. Therefore, the successive integers will contain variables!

WARNING: once solving because that the sum of consecutive even integers, you will very first get the worth of colorredk. But, be an extremely careful. colorredk is not the very first integer. Instead, girlfriend will usage the worth of colorredk to find all consecutive integers that are being asked in the problem.

instances of addressing the sum of Consecutive even Integers

To acquire a great grasp the the procedure, let’s start by resolving a an easy problem.

Example 1: discover the 2 consecutive even numbers whose sum is 66.

Let 2k be the first even integer. The 2nd consecutive also integer is 2 units much more than the first. Thus, left( 2k ight) + left( 2 ight) = 2k + 2 where 2k + 2 is the second consecutive even integer.

First also integer: 2kSecond also integer: 2k+2

Since the sum of the 2 consecutive also numbers is 66, us should have a setup as with the one below.

Setting increase the equation, we have:

Remember “k” is no the an initial even integer. The an initial even integer as we have actually shown above is 2k. Thus,

The second even integer:

To check, let’s add the very first and 2nd even integers which space 32 and 34 to see if their amount is without doubt 66.

Example 2: The amount of 4 consecutive also integers is 212. Find the integers.

What carry out we know?

We will add four even integers that room consecutiveThe numbers are 2 systems apart from each various other Each integer is 2 much more than the previous integerThe amount of the consecutive also integers is 212

Now the we have those facts, let’s start representing our four consecutive also integers.

Let 2k it is in the first also integer. The four also integers are consecutive, which way that the second also integer should be the first even integer increased by 2 or 2k+2. Similarly, the third also integer is the 2nd integer raised by 2, the is 2k+2 colorred+2 or 2k+4. Finally, the fourth also integer is the third even essence (2k+4) enhanced by 2 or 2k+6 .

Proceed by creating the equation then deal with for k. Mental that we are provided the sum, for this reason we require to include our also integers.

Again, as a reminder, k is no our first even integer. However, we will use its value to identify our first integer which is represented by 2k. Native there, we can determine the three even integers the consecutively follow our very first even integer.

The last thing that we have to do is to verify if the amount of our four consecutive also integers: 50, 52, 54, and also 56 is in fact, 212.


Example 3: discover the 5 consecutive even integers whose amount is - 10.

To start, it’s always good practice to identify the vital facts that are offered in this problem.

We will be including five consecutive even integersThe continuous integers different by 2 unitsWe must acquire a sum of - 10 when we add the five integersIt is likely that we will certainly be dealing with an adverse integers

Next, let’s stand for the five consecutive even integers. This time, we’ll use the variable “ extbf extitx ” rather of “k“. Allow x it is in the 1st even integer.

To write the equation, us simply have to translate the facts that are provided in the problem. This is one factor why it’s necessary to take it a pause, in the beginning, to recognize what information is accessible to you. In this case, we have to include five also integers that room consecutive and their sum need to be - 10.

Use the value of x to uncover the five consecutive also integers.

Finally, let’s make sure that the sum of -6, -4, -2, 0, and 2 is - 10 as mentioned in the problem.

Example 4: The amount of three consecutive also integers is -78. What is the smallest integer?

What carry out we know so far?

We need to include three also integers that are consecutiveThe amount of the consecutive even integers when included must be -78 The integers room 2 systems apart from every otherIt is most likely that our equipment will involve negative integersWe must identify which of the three consecutive also integers is the smallest or with the the very least value

Now, let’s proceed and also represent the continually integers.

Let 2k, 2k+2, and 2k+4 be the three consecutive even integers.

Translate the math sentence “the amount of three consecutive also integers is -78” into an equation and also solve because that k.

Let’s determine the 3 consecutive even integers by replacing k with its value, which is -14.

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So our three consecutive also integers are: -28, -26, and also -24. Together always, check to make certain that their sum is undoubtedly -78.

At this point, we have solved the problem and verified to make certain that the consecutive integers fulfill the offered sum.

But, we’re not done yet! If you review the problem again, it’s asking united state to identify the smallest amongst the three even integers.

TIP: attention to information is always important once solving native problems. So, don’t hesitate come go back to review the concern or problem again even if friend think the you’ve addressed or completed everything already. Make this a habit can go a long method and ensure that you obtain the complete credit for her solution and answer every time.

Going ago to our problem, the the smallest integer among -28, -26, and -24 is extbf-28 i beg your pardon is our final answer.