In this lesson, we will learn just how to use the block diagrams (Singapore Math) method orTape Diagrams (Common Core) to resolve word problems.

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Singapore Math trouble Sums - entirety Number - to compare Model

Example:Elsa made 6 times as many huge ice cubes together tiny ice cream cubes. She made 540 much more huge ice cubes 보다 tiny ice cubes. How plenty of ice cubes go she do altogether?

Example:Anna and also Lucas had actually the exact same amount of savings initially. After Lucas received $360 native his uncle,he has 4 times as much savings as Anna. Exactly how much savings walk Lucas have actually at first?

Example:Nick and John had a complete of $3800 as soon as they saw shop because that laptops. After Nick spent $200 top top a laptop,John had actually thrice as lot money together Nick. Uncover the difference in the initial amount of money both had broughtwith lock for your shopping trip.

Example:When a particular pot is filled with cream of mushroom soup, it weighs 18 kg. As soon as it is filled v clearchicken broth, the weighs 9 kg. If the cream that mushroom soup is 3 times as heavy as the clean chickenbroth, how heavy is the pot?

Example:Stacey invested $356 ~ above a dress, a blouse and also a skirt. If the dress price $35 an ext than the blouse and also theblouse cost $18 less than the skirt, how much walk she pay for each item?

Example:Joshua, William and Ryan spent a total of $486. Joshua invested twice as lot money together Ryan. William spentthree times as lot money together Joshua. How much an ext money walk William spend than Joshua?

Singapore Math trouble Sums - Percentage

Example:An lot of money to be shared in between Beverly and Candice. Beverly received 64% the the money. Ifshe gives $28 to Candice, both of castle will have actually the same amount the money. Exactly how much money didBeverly receive?

Singapore Math trouble Sums - Algebra

Example:Lucy had actually 3m an ext apples than oranges. She offered away 9m apples and was left v 2/5 as many apples asoranges. How plenty of oranges go Lucy have, in regards to m?

Singapore Math problem Sums - Ratio

Example:There room 78 guest at a party. The proportion of the number of men to women is 8:5. Once 10 much more womenjoin the party, what is the brand-new ratio of the variety of women come the variety of guests at a party?

Singapore Math problem Sums - Speed

Example:Claire and Shirley walk cycling. Claire cycled in ~ a speed of 30 km/h if Shirley cycled at a speedof 42 km/h. If Claire started off 40 min earlier than Shirley, just how long did Shirley take to capture upto her? provide your answer in hours and minutes.

Singapore Math trouble Sums - whole Number

Example:There is an equal number of marbles in 7 the same jars. If all the marbles in 3 that the jars room takenout and also distributed equally right into the remainder of the jars, these jars will have 12 much more marbles each.What is the total variety of marbles in the 7 jars?

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Shot the provided examples, or form in your own problem and also check your answer with the step-by-step explanations.