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Teaching argumentative creating can be hard, but this lesson travel guide students v a step-by-step process of writing a 5-paragraph (or more) essay. The lesson deserve to be provided in class or assigned for distance discovering as independent student work. The instructional video clip with writing indict can likewise be presented in its entirety class instruction or assigned because that students to complete at home.

This lesson displayed the entire procedure of writing an argumentative essay utilizing supporting evidence. The video, PowerPoint, graphic organizer, worksheets, and rubric allow students to practice and also develop their composing skills. The in-depth lesson plans do implementing the lesson simple for teachers.

All facets of writing are covered in this lesson: brainstorming ideas, thesis statement development, introducing supporting evidence, writing hooks and leads, and incorporating the 6 properties of Writing.


Everything you must implement a successful and also enjoyable composing lesson that deserve to be provided on many Learning monitoring Systems including Google Classroom, Schoology, Canva, Microsoft One Drive, Microsoft One Drive, Microsoft Team, etc. Is provided.

This Argumentative writing Prompt is "School Uniforms"


This Argumentative / argument Writing Prompt lesson includes:

Entertaining Instructional video with:

Brainstorming IdeasPrompt Identification and ComprehensionThesis explain DevelopmentRubric ExplanationHow to create an Argumentative Essay Tutorial

Detailed Lesson plan with:

Common core State Standards indicated on lesson PlanInstructional FocusInstructional ProceduresObjectives/GoalsDirect InstructionGuided PracticeEnrichmentDifferentiationESE StrategiesELL StrategiesI can StatementEssential Question

Argumentative writing Prompt student Worksheets with:

PromptBrainstorming SectionThesis explain DevelopmentHow to write an Argumentative Essay Tutorial

PowerPoint Presentation with:

Introduction slide v prompt (interactive because that students come identify vital vocabulary)Brainstorming slide (interactive for students to perform ideas)Standard and also Implied Thesis advancement Slides exactly how to compose an Argumentative Essay accuse SlidesChecklist slide

Argumentative Essay Rubric

Argumentative Essay graphic Organizer

Google Slides Ready


The lessons in the middle School Argumentative creating Prompts Unit 1 include:


Co-ed Athletics

A Donation for Youth

Extended School

Facebook Friends

Homework Limits

A brand-new National Holiday

School Uniforms

Television’s education Value

Video Games


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