The Samurai’s Tale, by Erik Christian Haugaard. Initially published in 1984, 256 pages.

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This, like countless of the publications I’ve read over the previous several months, is a book I only read becuase it to be assigned to one of our children as a literary works assignment. It has actually been a satisfied to check out these book in a method that walk not describe the publications our larger kids, that were publicly schooled, to be assigned come read. This year has been one to fill with books which fully meet the standard of C.S. Lewis’ famed quote around stories precious reading.

The Samurai’s story is a novel collection in feudal Japan, and also begins as soon as our hero Taro, is a four-year-old young whose an effective samurai father, in addition to his mother and brothers, are eliminated by a competitor samurai in the fierce battle for Japanese power. His mother, before her death stripped Taro that his costly, regal clothing, dressed the up together a servant, and concealed him in a box. She aim the hiding the fact of his family tree in an effort to spare his life to be successful. The warlord, amused by Taro’s mettle together he rushes out to protect his home, takes that under his wing together a servant. So begins Taro’s long, turoulend journey together the vassal and liege that the an effective samurai lord Akiyama.

Reading along as a witness come the tale Erik Haugaard has woven was at time sad, and also others harrowing, yet was never boring. The realism that the story was refreshing as well as unsettling. Plenty of wrters would have actually Taro prosper up under lord Akiyama wait for the day the he can avenge his family’s death. Haugaard however, provides us a an ext true to life scenario, one in i beg your pardon Taro’s commitment to lord Akiyama boosts the longer he is through him and also he grows right into a faithful young samurai warrior come his liege lord.

The Buddhist religious beliefs loomed huge throughout the book, and also was one more angle that available opportunity to explore and compare belief systems. Haugaard available an interesting aside concerning different completing sects within the faith which to united state sounded eerily acquainted to the kinds of schisms and also battles which take ar in Christianity as well.

Our daughter discovered that the book moved too gradually for her at times. The all at once narrative was amazing to her and also several of Taro’s experiences urged interesting conversations. It was not her favorite of the books read this year, but neither was it her the very least favorite.

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I liked it, yet I concede that it would certainly likely have been a less than exciting publication for me come read as soon as I to be 11 year old. Ns was impressed v the issues and writing she produced from the reading given the truth that she was less than enamored v the book. The great being readily available however, is based on my review. I’ll include hers as an addendum.