Potential power = (mass) x (gravity) x (height)Divide every side by (G x H) : fixed = PE / (G x H) PE = 6 joulesGravity = 9.8 m/sHeight = 3 m massive = 6 / (9.8 x 3) = 6 / (29.4) = 0.204 kg  (weighs about 2 newtons or 7.2 ounces ~ above Earth)

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A 2160 kg vehicle moving east at 10.4 m/s collides v a 3250 kg auto moving east. The car stick together and also move east as a unit a

The edge of the cube is 5 cm.The volume that the cube is (5cm) · (5 cm) · (5 cm) = (5 cm)³ = 125 cm³The cube has 6 faces.The area that each challenge is (5 cm) · (5 cm) = 25 cm² The area of all 6 deals with is (6) · (25 cm²) = 150 cm²The ratio of that volume come its surface area isthe proportion of (125 cm³) come (150 cm²) = 5/6 cm⁻¹ .

You could try the "Spinning Bucket" or the "Center of Gravity" experiment. There space plenty more that you can research! hope this assisted :)

Assume that fee −q is inserted on the height plate, and also +q is put on the bottom key of a parallel bowl capacitor. What is th


E =



electric ar magnitude, E is the soot of electric force, F every charge, q applied.

thus, E = force per charge = F/q

there are two charges point out in the question. The charge -q put on optimal of the key is the resource charge, while the charge, +q ar at the bottom bowl is the check charge. 2 charges is necessary for an electric force come occur however for electric field calculation, the check charge, +q is used.

the application of coulomb regulation is offered to determined electric force,

F=< A *(+q)*(-q)>/d²


A is the coulomb law constant = 9.0 x 10⁹ Nm²/C²

+q = test charge on bottom plate

-q = resource charge

d = street of separation in between the top and also bottom charge

applying the over equation in E

E = < A *(+q)*(-q)>/d² division q

E = /d²

E =


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An 18 kg bicycle transferring a 62 kg girl is travel at a rate of 7 m/s. What is the kinetic power of the girl and bicycle?
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To gain the beer-selection.com we have to substitute full mass and velocity to the formulaE=
, soE=
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