Sum the the angle of a Triangle:

The amount of the angle of a triangle is 180 degrees.ALWAYS! 

Regular triangle - equilateral Triangles:The nature of equilateral triangles:


All sides room the same length (congruent) and all inner angles space the same size (congruent).

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To discover the measure up of the interior angles, we know that the amount of every the angle is 180 levels (from above)... And also there space three angles...


So, the measure up of the internal angle the an it is intended triangle is 60 degrees.

The measure of the main angles that an it is intended triangle:


To discover the measure of the central angle the an equilateral triangle, make a circle in the middle... A circle is 360 levels around... Divide that by 3 angles...


So, the measure up of the main angle that an equilateral triangle is 120 degrees.

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