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Probably the question is around mass: what percent walk aluminium constitute of the mass of a molecule `Al_2 (S O_4)_3 ?`

To calculate this, we should know the atom masses of `Al` (aluminium), `S` (sulfur) and also `O` (oxygen) atom in part units. We have the right to choose any kind of units yet the...

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Probably the concern is about mass: what percent walk aluminium constitute the the fixed of a molecule `Al_2 (S O_4)_3 ?`

To calculate this, us should know the atomic masses the `Al` (aluminium), `S` (sulfur) and also `O` (oxygen) atoms in part units. We have the right to choose any kind of units however the same for all types of atoms.

The most convenient unit in this situation is the family member atomic mass. The is identified as `1/12` of the massive of one atom of carbon-12. We may look the periodic table to see that

`m(Al) approx 27,` `m(S) approx 32,` `m(O) approx 16.`

Then the massive of a molecule of `Al_2 (S O_4)_3` is

`2*m(Al) + 3*(m(S)+4*m(O)) approx 342.`

Aluminium in together a molecule has the mass `2*m(Al) approx 54.` therefore the percent in concern is `54/342 *100% approx15,79%,` so the price is 15.8%.

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