Structured concerns Answers from The tiny Match Girl byHans Christian Andersen

QUESTION and ANSWERS indigenous The little Match Girl


Read the extract and also answer the complying with questions:1. She had been attract slippers, that is true, once she left home, however what goodwere they? They had been her mother"s, so you can imagine how large theywere. The little girl had actually lost them as she ran across the street to escape fromtwo carriages that were being propelled terribly fast. One slipper can not befound, and a boy had actually run off with the other, saying the it would come invery handy as a cradle part day when he had youngsters of his own.

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1. What type of weather has actually been explained in this extract?AnswerThe weather was incredibly cold and also it was totally dark. Together it to be the critical evening the the year, the eye was falling heavily and also everything appeared to it is in freezing. The skies was extended with dark clouds. There to be a cool in the atmosphere and shivering cold had restricted people to move out of their homes. Just a few people were viewed on the roads. It to be a gloomy and also fearful atmosphere.2. In what problem was the tiny child relocating in the streets?AnswerThe little child was relocating in the highways through the biting wind and driving snow. The snowfall that the last day the the year to be excessively heavy and also as the evening approached, the became almost dark as compared to the other evenings. From she appearance, it appeared as if she belonged to a very poor family otherwise no one would have dared come come the end of their residence in together harsh weather.3. How could you make the end that the girl belonged to a negative family?AnswerThe tiny girl was out of her residence without enough warm clothing to safeguard her from it will be cold winter evening. She had actually nothing come cover she head or her feet. She had lost her slippers also and for this reason she had actually to walk on her naked feet which ultimately came to be red and also blue through cold.4. Why to be the negative child walking barefoot and also bareheaded in the streets in together harsh weather?AnswerThe tiny girl was amongst the few people that were viewed on the roadways in the biting cold weather. There need to be some real reason because that which she was the end in the streets and also it was clear native seeing she tattered clothes. She to be wearing an old apron in which she lugged several packages that matches. She held a box of castle in her hand because that selling however no one had actually bought any type of box native her because morning. As she go not get a single cent, she did no dare come go back home.5. What has happened to she slippers? Why were they the no use for her?AnswerThe poor tiny girl was walking in the roadways barefoot. It was evident that when she had actually left her house in the morning, she might be wearing them yet they were not too much of use for her together they were she mother"s and too big for her. Also, she had lost one while cross the road where two carriages had actually rattled by speedily. She had actually not been able to discover the slipper and other to be taken away by one boy who told the he would use it as a cradle in future because that his children. And also so she to walk on her naked feet.2. Lights to be shining in every window, and there to be a glorious smell of roastgoose in the street, for this was brand-new Year"s Eve, and she can not think ofanything else.She huddled down in a heap in a corner formed by 2 houses, among whichprojected further out into the street 보다 the other, however though she tucked herlittle legs up under her she felt colder and also colder. She did not dare come gohome, for she had sold no matches and earned not a solitary penny.

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1. How has the environment been collection up in the given passage?AnswerThe passage presents the picture of the miserable child. She is walking an extremely slowly on the road due to extreme cold and hunger. She had beautiful lengthy hair i m sorry hung in nice curls over her neck and also was extended with snowflakes. It was acquiring dark for this reason the residences were lit up. In every the home windows of the houses, the light was shining and wonderful odor of roast goose was coming out as it was brand-new Year"s Eve. The poor tiny creature was perishing v cold and also in the picture of misery.2. Why go the writer say that "she did not think of her appearance now"?AnswerThe tiny girl crept along the streets, shivering and hungry through a hope of selling at the very least a couple of packs of matchsticks. Yet nobody had bought any type of from her. She to be presented as the snapshot of misery. She kept on trying despite the extremely cold weather. The snowflakes dropped on her long gold hair i beg your pardon curled therefore prettily around her neck however she did not think of she appearance now. The just thing that recorded her mind was to market the matchboxes anyhow.3. What go the tiny girl execute to store herself warm? walk it assist her?AnswerOn the brand-new Year"s Eve, a couple of days after ~ Christmas as soon as everyone was in a festive mood and also cuddled in your houses, the miserable son was on the streets. When she could not stand the cold any type of more, she uncovered a location in a corner formed by two houses, among which projected additional out right into the street 보다 the other. She tucked her little legs increase under her to feeling warm but it did no great and still, she feeling colder and also colder.4. Why might the tiny girl no go home despite extremely poor weather?AnswerThe small poor kid was the end in the roadways barefoot and also bareheaded to offer the matchboxes i beg your pardon she lugged in her old apron. She had actually been do the efforts to market those boxes since morning but didn"t succeed till evening. Regardless of the harsh weather, she could not go home since of the are afraid of she father"s beating. She knew that as she had actually not sold a single matchbox as a result of i beg your pardon she had not deserve a solitary cent, her father would surely scold and beat her. Therefore she discovered a corner formed by two houses and sat under there drawing up her small feet under her.5. Personal from she father"s wrath, she go not want to walk home. Why?