The impossible Quiz Book: chapter 3
Play Online: The difficult Quiz Book: chapter 3Developer: Splapp-Me-DoGenre: PuzzleThe impossible Quiz Book: thing 3 Guide
Solutions come The difficult Quiz Book: thing 3Note: Answers written in red show that the question functions a bomb. The bolded red text alongside it suggests the timer the the bomb. If the number is "in quotes", climate the bomb won"t reason a game over upon time running out. If the number has an ellipsis (...) before it, the bomb will show up if you take too long in a question.101. Before Christ (TOO OBVIOUSLY!)102. The upper right block (The hieroglyphs somewhat interpret as the word water, and also the upper best block looks prefer a present of water)103. Dinosaur in a height hat!104. 2002 (the year the Ice period movie to be released)105. 4 (the feet in "TROLOLOL"; reference to concerns 1 and also 100 from TIQ, as well as Question 30 native TIQ 2)106. Absent it increase the arse (the inquiry is how do you do a dino SOAR, fly)107. 2004 (the question boxes were from The impossible Quiz demo from 2004)108. Form "BANG" (if girlfriend wait till 4 seconds on the bomb a text shows up saying "hint: develop the universe") (20)109. Titting Arsing Retarded Dicking impossible Shit-Quiz110. Click on the bomb. (the hieroglyphics to speak "bomb") (10)111. G (G-string, as in a thong)112. Click on Badly drawn Dog"s anus (its shaped prefer "X" , and also X clues the spot because that a treasure.) (10)113. Herr Schnipp (HERR SCHNIPP = HAIR SNIP native a hair clipper i beg your pardon barbers use)114. Click somewhere close to the yellow period under Chris and also the chair will certainly collapse. If you shot to stroke him, you"ll develop a time paradox and also get a game Over! This is due to the fact that you space playing as Chris, and Chris is not allowed to touch his previous self.(reference to question 68 native The difficult Quiz (10)115. Pleistocine (the Ice period era)116. The quiz"s budget ran the end (The question and also answers were composed on paper)117. Adolf Titler118. That blows her hand turn off (reference to inquiry 10 indigenous The impossible Quiz 2; trying to click the time scar under the message "a penguin" will take a life far from you).119. He doesn"t have one (reference to question 103 from the difficult Quiz 2, v the native "collar", "blue" and also "green" replaced by "anus", "pink" and also "brown" respectively, since of the time scars).120. Click Nyan Shat about 30 times or until he poops the end a rainbow. (10)121. Click on the blue time scar next to the indigenous "end". This will send a meteor to the prehistoric era, killing the dinosaurs. (reference to question 66 from The impossible Quiz; trying come click the "!" at the finish of the "question" will certainly actually take a life away from you). (10)122. Don"t execute anything. Splapp only wanted to present you a pic of some lemurs eat poop (Do not click noþeles that shows up when you move your computer mouse over it). ("10")123. Click any of the C"s in the word "Click" (C is the largest Roman numeral of the clickable options, although the question number, for example, is bigger) // FUSESTOPPER: hidden in a bush, just above the V in "lives". Search for it.124. Put your mouse exterior the display screen to do an elephant autumn in, because elephants don"t prefer mice (The task "Click the Answer" and the options come from inquiry 4 native TIQ, if making the elephant come from over comes from concern 37 from TIQ 2. If you shot to click "The Answer", it will simply take a life away from you).125. Click on the blue time scar and also then click the monster"s eyes. (You have to be quick) (12)126. Optimal left. (Question claims "WTF", price is "Snow", as a surprise that it"s snowing all of a sudden)127. Triassic Garden (Triassic is the era prior to Jurassic)128. DX (answer in roman inn numerals, DX means 510)129. Click "Mutts "N Sluts" magazine. (10)130. Click the inquiry number. (If you mashed the bottom left broken one, it tells you to click the concern number)131. Rub both of the dogs until they disappear (reference come Splapp"s Badly drawn Dog, collection 3, illustration 1. You have to be fast). (10)132. Australia (The question is totally messed up)133. Type "w" (Double Ewe, ewe=female sheep)134. Gondwanaland (It is situated at the bottom appropriate one, drag the vines also see it.) (10)135. Barbarism (Herr Schnipp was a barber)136. Traction the vines far to discover the button on the bottom of the screen, in the middle (an arrowhead should appear). (10)137. A piano stuck up a tree ( A piano"s tricks is do from ivory, the has 4 legs and also the tree has a trunk)138. Rub the defective laser as fast as girlfriend can, and also click on the sign as soon as it shows up (reference to concern 59 from The impossible Quiz; charging and firin" the lazor will fire in ~ the question number, develop a black hole, and cause a game Over!). (10)139. Link (Bondage, gain it?) // SKIP: Click the top right valve.140. Edam. The prize is in the bottom left choice box, you need to wait till it shows up (reference to concern 62 from The impossible Quiz 2, v all rotating choice boxes comes from the various Impossible Quiz gamings in the series) (you need to time you yourself carefully)141. Click the second portal native the right at the bottom. Alternatively, kind "cast". (Splapp revealed that this to be a leftover from question 43)142. Click the 42nd 42. (reference to question 42 indigenous The difficult Quiz, other than the exactly "42" is situated slightly come the right, add to the "42" in the hint counts as one of the 42 42s) (10)143. Gabe Newell (He invented the vapor Engine which is developed by the gaming agency called Valve)144. Press "Y". ("Why", just... "WHY") (The question page is sinking right into lava, and after about 3 seconds, the 144 will certainly sink into the lava) (5)145. Rot! (Question asks for your favourite color in German, the answer means "red")146. Push "!" repeatedly. (You DON"T need to organize the change key) (10)147. The fight of Hastings?148. Click the buttons below in order: blue, red, blue, yellow. (obviously a reference to inquiries 50, 56 and 98 native TIQ, and also Question 84 indigenous TIQ 2. The concern is in a severely messed up state. You need to be quick, due to the fact that if the yellow button moves off the screen, you have to either skip, or it"s game Over) (10)149. 410 (30 in the Demo, 110 in IQ1, 120 in IQ2, 150 in this quiz; 30 + 110 + 120 + 150 = 410)150.

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Pick to wipe The impossible Quiz the end of history in order to save Chris. (If girlfriend click "Sacrifice her Lives" climate it"s game Over....)