‘‘The gold Kite, the silver Wind’’ has no specific setup in time and place, yet it is suggestive of old or medieval China. The story starts with the Mandarin questioning a messenger. In old China a mandarin to be a bureaucrat. In this case, the Mandarin appears to it is in the guy in fee of a city. He is distressed at the news lugged by the messenger. The city of KwanSi, 2 miles away, is building a wall surface around your city, shaped like a pig. ~ the messenger leaves, the Mandarin talks about this news v his daughter, that at first does not understand why she father is upset. He defines that their very own city is surrounding by a wall shaped choose an orange, which means that the Kwan-Si pig will eat them.

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The Mandarin fears the their city is in for hard times. People will think the the city surrounding by the wall surface shaped like a pig is prosperous and also lucky, and also will walk there instead. The daughter says that the Mandarin consult through his stonemasons and those who develop temples so the a solution deserve to be found.

When the home builders come, the daughter stands behind a screen, whispering to the Mandarin what he need to say come them. Once they listen the news around the wall surface being built approximately Kwan-Si, they room as upset together the Mandarin. Motivated by his daughter, the Mandarin speak the home builders that castle must readjust the shape of their city into a club through which to beat the pig. The males are happy to hear this and also depart.

The new wall is completed in ~ a month. Shaped prefer a club together ordered, that is an effective enough to journey off not just pigs but any type of other threatening animal, even a lion. The Mandarin is happy.

However, his pleasure does not last long. The messenger arrives through the news that the town of Kwan-Si has now developed its wall surface in the form of a bonfire, which will certainly soon destroy the other town’s club.

The Mandarin is alarmed, reasoning that anyone will choose Kwan-Si and think it is much stronger 보다 their own city. Kwan-Si will prosper while his own city declines. Native behind a screen, his daughter whispers the he need to instruct their building contractors to construct their wall surfaces in the shape of a lake. The water will put out the fire the Kwan-Si.

The civilization of the city rebuild their wall surfaces to resemble a lake, although it takes them part time to do it. However, climate comes the news the Kwan-Si has rebuilt its walls in the form of a mouth, and also the mouth will be able to drink up their lake.

The common reshaping that walls continues for part while. The Mandarin’s city builds the walls favor a needle to sew up the mouth; KwanSi counters through a wall surface like a sword to break the needle. The intimidated town responds v walls prefer a scabbard come sheath the sword, however Kwan-Si forms its walls favor lightning, all set to damage the sheath.

The Mandarin’s city goes into decline. Civilization get sick and die. Also the Mandarin self becomes ill, yet his daughter still offers him advice. The rebuilding of wall surfaces goes ~ above in a titfor-tat manner just as before, yet the city proceeds to sink much more deeply right into crisis.

Eventually, in desperation, the Mandarin that this city summons the mandarin from Kwan-Si for a meeting. Both mandarins room old and also ill, and also the daughter’s voice speak them that the current situation is intolerable and must end.

The two mandarins room taken outside and carried up a tiny hill. The daughter points the end to the two mandarins the kites that room being flown by some children. She makes them check out that a kite needs the wind in order to fully exist, and also that the wind and the skies need vivid kites come create variety and beauty.

The daughter climate instructs the mandarin native Kwan-Si the he have to rebuild his city so the it each other the wind. In turn, her town, she says, will build so as to resemble a gold kite. The two communities will then be able to cooperate v each other, because each will supply what the other needs.

The mandarins are happy and also immediately recoup some of their strength. They worship the wisdom the the daughter.

In this way, the 2 towns arise as the town of the gold Kite and the city of the silver- Wind. Both flourish at every levels. Every the residents of both cities are mindful of their brand-new cooperative relationship, and the Mandarin the the first city is satisfied.

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