That’s what Cousin Eddie says in the vacation movie standard “Christmas Vacation” as soon as Clark Griswold gets a Jelly that the Month society membership instead of what he thought was his annual bonus check.

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We room truly blessed in Southwest Florida to have it all — a large bonus and also a Jelly of the Month membership, if you will. We have the prompt gratification that living and also playing here and also the expanded enjoyment over and also over that a place many civilization call paradise. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

As we technique the finish of another year, take time this vacation season to reflect top top the factors we space fortunate to call Southwest Florida home.

Best location to be

In a break Ground newsletter 4 months ago, we reflected on how Naples is among the finest cities for best lists. This entire region ranks high on nationwide lists for the good things in life.

We only scratched the surface in August since we ran the end of room to recount every the “best” lists through Naples near the top. We currently know it’s one of the fastest-growing regions in America v the “best neighborhood,” the “best performance,” and the “best beach town to live in.”

Our hometown, or our adopted hometown, in many cases, also is very ranked as soon as it comes to vacations and retirement and health, happiness and having a bite come eat.

Best ar to finish up

Naples is the best place in the Sunshine State come retire and also ranked 3rd nationally, according to a report through SmartAsset, a new York financial services company.

Using federal government data, the yearly study rated 4,700 U.S. Urban by their tax friendliness, recreational and social avenues for seniors, and accessibility of medical care, which it identified as "factors that impact quality the life for retirees." every the components were weighted equally and indexed.

Naples likewise ranked as the No. 1 place to retiree in the nation in one more study. Data scientists with examined much more than 2,000 cities across the country and factored in countless data points.

In 2017, SmartAsset ranked Florida sixth among the says as best for at an early stage retirement. Florida moved up from ninth the previous year. Researcher studied components such as actual estate, an individual income and also sales taxes rates, average real estate costs, the nonhousing cost of living, access to health and wellness care and the accessibility of recreation activities.

Clap your hands

Naples also ranks tops in the nation for well-being and also happiness. Because that the second year in a row, Naples and also its surrounding area take it the top spot together healthiest and also happiest in America as component of the Gallup-Healthways 2016 community Well-Being Rankings.

The Naples-Immokalee-Marco Island subway areas likewise have the healthiest eating habits in the country with much more than 75 percent of residents reporting healthy and balanced eating, according to a report released by Gallup-Sharecare. The “2016 ar Rankings for healthy Eating” report examines a wide range of eating habits throughout the nation. We"ll eat to that.

Giving earlier comes naturally

To optimal it every off, Collier County citizens are givers. Not just at Christmastime, however year-round, according to data culled from 2016 income tax returns.

A examine of the data by SmartAsset showed Collier County occupants gave earlier the many of any kind of county in Florida. As a group, Collier citizens donated 3.87 percent that their network income. 

On height of that, virtually 28 percent that the county"s inhabitants made charitable donations the some type in 2016, SmartAsset reported this month.

So, neapolitan is absolutely the ideal place to be. Girlfriend feel favor you’re walk somewhere without leaving town.

“Where execute you think she going? Nobody’s leaving. Nobody’s walking the end on this fun, old-fashioned family Christmas. No, no. We’re all in this together,” Clark Griswold said.

So, together let’s enjoy the hap, hap, the happiest Christmas.

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Keep ~ above giving

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