A common activity for college student is to produce a plot diagram of the occasions from a story. Not only is this a good way come teach the components of the plot yet to reinforce significant events and help students develop greater understanding for literary structures.

Students can develop a storyboard that records the concept of the stare arc in a story by developing a six-cell storyboard which contains the significant parts that the plot diagram. For each cell have actually students develop a scene that adheres to the story in sequence using: Exposition, Conflict, rising Action, Climax, fallout’s Action, and Resolution.

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"The Gift the the Magi" Plot chart Example

ExpositionDella and also Jim, a negative couple, struggle to purchase Christmas presents for each other.

Major Inciting Conflict

Della has only $1.87 to buy her husband a gift, which is not enough.

Rising Action

Della decides to offer her hair for money therefore she can purchase a gift worthy of Jim. She gets $20 and can bought a platinum chain because that Jim"s heirloom watch.


Della and Jim exchange gifts. Jim has actually sold his clock to to buy Della a beautiful collection of combs.

Falling Action

They decision to put their gifts away until they have the right to both use them.


despite their errors, Della and also Jim remain love one another, and learn a an useful lesson about sacrifice and love.

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Student Instructions

Create a intuitive plot diagram of "The Gift the the Magi".

Click "Start Assignment".Separate the story into the Exposition, Conflict, climbing Action, Climax, falling Action, and also Resolution.Create an image that represents an essential moment or collection of events for each of the story components.Write a summary of every of the steps in the plot diagram.
Lesson arrangement Reference

Grade Level 6-12

Difficulty Level 2 (Reinforcing / Developing)

Type the Assignment individual or Partner

Type of Activity: Plot Diagrams and Narrative Arcs

Common main point Standards


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Plot diagram Rubric for middle School
Create a plot diagram because that the story utilizing Exposition, Conflict, increasing Action, Climax, falling Action, and Resolution.
skilled 33 clues arising 25 point out start 17 clues

Plot Images
Cells encompass images that convey occasions in the corresponding stage of the plot. The photos represent vital moment and also exemplify the descriptions below them.
Cells include one or two images that convey occasions from an incorrect stage of the plot. Most images represent vital moment and also exemplify the descriptions below them.
Cells include three or an ext images the convey occasions from an incorrect stage of the plot. Pictures depict minor and inimportant moments or perform not reflect the descriptions below them.
Plot Text
The storyboard correctly identifies all 6 stages that the plot. The message for every of the 6 cells effectively breaks under the plot occasions into proper stages. The text provides a logical outline of the plot and also includes the most significant events the the book.
The storyboard misidentifies one or two stages that the plot. The message for each of the six cells division down many of the plot events into proper stages. The text offers a logical overview of the plot, however may omit some far-ranging events the the book.
The storyboard misidentifies three or an ext stages of the plot. The text for every of the 6 cells does no correspond to the events of that stage. Overall plot summary is not logical.
Spelling and also Grammar
Spelling and also grammar is exemplary. Text contains couple of or no mistakes.
Text consists of some far-reaching errors in assignment or grammar.
Text contains many errors in spelling or grammar.
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