SWBAT analysis the impact of the author’s choices regarding how come develop and relate facets of a story or drama with an understanding of indirect and direct characterization and 3rd person point of view..

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Cite solid and thorough textual evidence to support evaluation of what the text claims explicitly and inferences attracted from the text, consisting of determining wherein the text leaves matters uncertain.
Analyze the influence of the author's choices about how come develop and relate elements of a story or drama (e.g., wherein a story is set, just how the action is ordered, just how the personalities are introduced and also developed).
Demonstrate understanding of eighteenth-, nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century foundational works of American literature, including just how two or much more texts indigenous the same period treat similar themes or topics.

In this lesson, we start looking at some additional forms of Gothic literature. "The Devil and also Tom Walker" is very early version of Gothic literary works written through Washington Irving. That is a an overwhelming nineteenth century text, but it is a great opportunity to evaluation some reading strategies to assist students negotiate the text. Special, I testimonial breaking down lengthy sentences. Also, I like to stress and anxiety that nineteenth century vocabulary can be daunting as well because some that the words room no much longer used the often.

This leg of the lesson looks at characterization; the second component of the class will examine the characteristics of the Faust Legend. We will review the story and then clock a video of "The Devil and also Daniel Webster" by Stephen Vincent Benet, i beg your pardon is an additional take on the German folktale.

I first begin with a PowerPoint on Washington Irving and also the Faust Legend. Obviously, students" understanding of the story will be an ext in-depth acquiring some background info on the underlying archetype in this work. "The Devil and also Tom Walker" is a quintessential early American piece of literature that demonstrates great versus evil.

The analysis check connected with the story has a an extremely practical purpose: to ensure students room engaged and also understand what lock read. My decision as to whether to check out to the class or perform a round-robin read depends on the aptitude of the class. Occasionally reading becomes a great management issue if I have actually a course of short level readers. I then review to lock so the they can see how I express words, usage inflectio, etc. I frequently stop periodically come answer the inquiries as us read. I will call on college student or pull popsicle sticks to solicit college student responses. This task also permits me to identify if the course is totally comprehending what castle read. For an ext advanced classes, I may stop because that a few minutes and also ask students come answer a couple of questions independentlyand then review. This breaks the monotony the the reading.My experience has actually been the the analysis check avoids students native drifting during the reading.

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My final task is to take a look in ~ the differences between indirect and also direct characterization. This part of the class is the tie-in to my major objective, i beg your pardon is to analysis Irving"s usage of indirect and also direct characterization. The characterization graphic organizer is common Core aligned in the it needs students to associate character traits, borth directly stated and inferred, to details lines the text.