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More coordinates for the colosseum rome

Latitude & longitude 41.902689, 12.496176 Arc-Minutes 251416134, 74977056 DDD.MM.SS 41.54.10,12.29.46 NMEA (DDDMM.MMMM) 4154.1613,N,01229.7706,E key 177.36 feet (54.06 meter)

Extra information about the colosseum rome

address Italy, Rome, Piazza della Repubblica, 67 City Rome nation Italy

Distance from the colosseum rome to big cities

Amsterdam 806 miles / 1297 kilometers Beijing 5049 mile / 8125 kilometers Berlin 735 mile / 1183 kilometers Dubai 2685 miles / 4321 kilometers Geneva 433 miles / 697 kilometers brand-new York 4281 mile / 6890 kilometers London 891 mile / 1434 kilometers Los Angeles 6331 mile / 10189 kilometers Rome 0 miles / 0 kilometers Miami 5182 miles / 8339 kilometers Moscow 1476 mile / 2375 kilometers Paris 687 mile / 1105 kilometers São Paulo 5889 miles / 9477 kilometers Singapore 6224 miles / 10017 kilometers Shanghai 5665 mile / 9117 kilometers Tokyo 6123 miles / 9853 kilometers

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