met with Marie Kondo, writer of the best-selling publication “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese arts of Decluttering and Organizing”.

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Benny Luo

I’m far from a clean person. In fact, ns drive my fiancée insane with just how messy i am. I’ve always been like this and also I think numerous others can relate.

I’ve make the efforts spending a entirety day cleaning things up, however no issue what i do, my surroundings constantly end up cluttered, together if a whirlwind had actually randomly appeared inside mine apartment.

Over time, I embraced that this is just the form of human being I am and will just have actually to deal with it.

Until ns met Marie Kondo.


This woman has single-handedly changed the way I approach cleaning — and also I’m not the only one. Her book, “The Life-Changing Magic the Tidying Up” (2010), has actually sold end 6 million duplicates worldwide. In 2015, Kondo was listed as one of Time’s “100 most influential people”.

But even then, ns still wasn’t certain whether she was the real deal. For this reason we introduced her book to mine fiancée’s sister, who’s recognized in the household for her untidiness. After analysis her book, the results below speak because that themselves.





The kicker? It’s to be MONTHS since and she hasn’t relapsed to she old ways at every — and also so execute the many others who call themselves “Konverts”.

Kondo found her passion for tidying up once she was 5 year old. Throughout elementary school, she would regularly be discovered in the classroom arranging bookshelves while her classmates play outside.

“Every job after school, my favorite point was to tidy up, which meant that I continued to throw things away day-to-day in the house,” Kondo said “It result in me to forget the importance of appreciating objects.”


This experience put Kondo under a lot of stress. She was judging objects based upon how old and also dirty the looked, admitting that she to be finding something wrong with the objects and also throwing castle away. Kondo came to be so stressed the end that she passed the end at one suggest in course during high school.

“When i woke increase from that, i realized my means of tidying increase was all wrong,” she said.

“Up till then, ns was looking for things to throw away, but what was actually vital were points that ns kept.

“Out of every the things I own, I just needed to select and also keep the ones the make me happy or spark delight by having them around. That’s when I realized the it was important to cherish mine belongings.”


Kondo’s epiphany became the groundwork for her approach to cleaning. Rather of merely finding reasons to throw things away, she started judging objects based on whether the “sparked joy”. If that did, she’d save it — if not, she’d throw it out. However, she advises civilization to not obtain too caught up with the meaning of “spark joy”.

“When you host an object, feel how your human body is feeling — whether her body is emotion happy or not,” she said. “When girlfriend imagine your future self holding the object, watch if the feeling of joy emerges. Acknowledging her your senses and also feeling v objects is a key.”

At 18, Kondo got a part-time job as a maiden at a god s religion shrine. Her job was to keep whatever clean and work the register.

“When you walk to a shrine and pass the gateway, you feel refreshed and may wonder why,” she explained. “The reason is because it’s always been tidied up and cleaned v care. I think the you deserve to turn your residence into that comparable space.”

She operated there for the next 5 years while studying sociology in college. Throughout that time, she wrote a thesis title “How come Declutter your Apartment — native a Sociological Perspective”. Eventually, she ended up being a consultant, wherein she’d assist others tidy up your homes.

Her company was a vast success. Kondo got so many clients the she racked up month-long waiting-lists. In 2010, Kondo chose to create a book to make her methods an ext accessible. She composed “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” in simply three months and also published it that really year.


Sales to be modest up until 2011, as soon as Japan to be hit with a 9.1 earthquake and also tsunami — the strongest earthquake to ever hit Japan, which took practically 20,000 lives and caused $300 million in damages. While this to be a disastrous tragedy that affected the entire country, it had somewhat the a silver lining because that Marie Kondo.

“The Japanese people suddenly had to ask us what was important in their lives,” Tomohiro Takahashi, Marie Kondo’s editor, told The reduced in a 2015 interview. “What to be the true worth of sentimental items? What was the an interpretation of the item they’d lost? What was the meaning of life?”

From climate on, Kondo’s publication exploded, putting the “KonMarie” brand top top the map. Due to the fact that then, Marie Kondo, now 32, has actually built realm and routinely flies approximately the people giving talks and also making tv appearances.


Like many world in Japan, Kondo is influenced by Shintoism, a Japanese way of life which believes in animism, the id that animate and also inanimate objects have spirits or souls that room worshipped. However, professionals argue the animism in Shintoism is now outdated.

In Kondo’s case, the an initial thing she does as soon as she beginning a client’s home for the first time is to take around two minute to greet the house, when stating her name, birthday, and job title. Prior to she take away the stage at a talk, she greets the ar she’s in and introduces herself. She believes that these rituals will make her project easier and also smoother.


Additionally, she teaches she clients to say thanks to the objects for their services before throwing lock away, regardless of what type of feelings they spark. Her exercise of dealing with her belongings together if castle were alive started once she remained in high school. Follow to one excerpt in her book:

“I understand some people find it hard to think that meaningless objects answer to human being emotion, and also it might indeed just have actually been coincidence. Still, we regularly hear around athletes who take loving treatment of their sporting activities gear, treating it practically as if it to be sacred. I think the athletes instinctively sense the strength of these objects. If us treated all points we use in our everyday life, whether it is our computer, our handbag, or our pens and also pencils, through the same treatment that athletes give to their equipment, we could greatly boost the number of dependable ‘supporters’ in our lives. The plot of own is a an extremely natural component of our day-to-day life, not something scheduled for some special enhance or contest.”

Hearing the native “tidying up” deserve to be overwhelming for someone that isn’t offered to gift tidy, yet Kondo advises that a shift in your mindset could adjust things entirely.

“I don’t want you to think of that as simply cleaning the house, yet rather a life-changing task to uncover out those truly vital to you,” she stated

“In KonMari method, what we primarily focus on is to pick what sparks joy. Everything you have in the house, evaluate them individually and ask you yourself if this specific object renders you happy or sparks joy.”

“Having a mindset like ‘this will make my life so much better’ will make tidying more effective,” she added.

As much as the specific practices to store in mind as soon as you start your tidying adventure, Kondo has a couple of tips:

FOLD her clothes, don’t hang

Hanging your garments is not efficient and often takes increase a most space. Kondo advises that folding your apparel in a dresser will certainly make your clothes “happier”. She credits this concept to te-ate, the Japanese word for healing, i beg your pardon literally way “apply hands”. It’s based on the traditional id that using hands on one injury will certainly promote healing. Marie Kondo believes that the act of folding transmits hopeful energies into the clothing.

Store points upright

Folding clothes and also storing them upright will enable you to easily see every the colour you very own in one go to protect against buying duplicates. In addition, folding and storing your apparel properly will also prevent wrinkles.

Get rid the gifts and also memorabilia that don’t spark joy.

Sometimes the doesn’t feeling right acquiring rid that things due to the fact that it was either a gift or a keepsake from her past. However, that they don’t spark joy when you hold them, climate it’s time to part with it. Kondo claims thanking the human who provided it come you and the item for its duty prior to getting escape of it will help rid the guilt.

Getting rid that stuffed pets that don’t spark joy

“The factor why you’re hesitant to litter them far is due to the fact that it feels choose they’re living,” Kondo said

“The reason why that feels that means is because they have actually eyes. Girlfriend feel like they room staring in ~ you or in which method they have actually souls of their own. That’s why that harder to throw them away.

“When you throwing them away, the crucial is come cover their eyes and then dispose.

“In Japan, we have trash bags that room transparent for this reason that’s no something you desire to use when throwing far stuffed animals. Friend feel like they’re looking at you together they space being thrown away. It’s most likely to come to be an emotionally burden. It is why it’s useful to cover your eyes prior to throwing them away.

“In Japan, there are temples that hold memorial services for stuffed animals and also dolls. They also cover their eyes and also it’s among the rules to execute so.”

Kondo’s an approach is far an ext than just around being clean and tidy. Together people, we have tendency to organize on to points in our stays without questioning why we keep them roughly in the very first place. The reminds you come rid the an adverse forces in your life and focus on what’s important important.

“After you complete tidying up, you’ll be able to make better choices not just for your belongings, but additionally for your job, relationships, or anything else you may need to make decisions in life.”

As Kondo summarizes in she book, “Every object has a different role to play. No all garments have involved you to it is in worn threadbare. The is the very same with people. Not every human being you satisfy in life will become a close girlfriend or lover. Some you will uncover hard come get in addition to or difficult to like. Yet these people, too, teach friend the priceless lesson of that you carry out like, so that you will appreciate those special world even more.”

Check the end Marie Kondo’s new course, Tidy Up her Home: The KonMari Method, obtainable now in ~ Udemy!

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